Contact with other people is instantaneous with the growth of social websites, cell phones, and texting. Teenagers are very seldom out of touch with someone in any given minute of the day. This causes a lot of worry for parents of the young adolescents who can text and call others, send pictures back and forth without the parents even knowing what is going on. So how do parents keep their teen safe from all of the scary possibilities that could occur?

The answer is in a well-structured program that allows parents to keep up with their busily connected children, by giving the parents access to the information that is being sent to and from their kids. Locating their children with a simple ping of their phones, and even having the ability to pull up deleted texts that children may be trying to keep from their parents are just a few elements of TeenSafe. TeenSafe was developed to offer a way for parents to keep teenagers out of scary circumstances such as cyber-bullying, being lured away by criminal predators, device addiction, or just having peace of mind knowing where their children are. Teenagers like their privacy, but sometimes, according to parents, that privacy could be dangerous.

Reviews about the cell phone tracker program from parents and even celebrities, are generally supportive. Parents aren't trying catch their children doing something bad, but instead are keeping them safe. TeenSafe is firm believer that the program for tracking should be discussed between parents and their children. There has to be an understanding that the program is for safety and not for snooping; unless the snooping leads to negative behaviors such as being stalked, bullying others or being bullied. It is also a way to deter some of the bullying behaviors by some teenagers since they know someone will see it; whether it is through a text or social media sites. Something that teenagers may not be fond of, but is necessary, is giving all of the passwords to social media sites to the parents so they can keep tabs on them.

Another positive point for the program is that it doesn't void the warranty on many phones. There is no jailbreaking, or illegally bypassing the restrictions set forth on the cell phones themselves. Therefore, the parents won't be losing a valued warranty by utilizing TeenSafe. The TeenSafe program is easily installed and offered at a reasonable monthly price.