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Solavei Frequently Asked Questions
I don’t have extra money to promote Solavei. Are there are low cost methods to help me get started?

I don’t want to promote the service. Can I just sign up to take advantage of the low cost monthly service plan?

I heard that I could earn money by telling my friends about Solavei. How does that work? How much does the Solavei plan cost and are there any hidden charges?

Will iPhone’s work with Solavei?

How is Solavei different from my current cell phone provider?

Does Solavei Offer Internation Calling?

When you decide to become a member of Solavei you’re choosing to get a great and reliable service. Unlimited talk, text and 4g data for only $49/month is an amazing price for a truly unlimited plan. You’re also choosing to help build something that will one day help millions of people. Solavei wants to create millions of thousandaires, not thousands of millionaires. This is a great way for people to not only save money on their cell phone bill but also have the opportunity to get your cell phone bill for free or even make money each and every month.
Solavei’s Buzz Continues To Grow Through Word Of Mouth
Solavei is unlike any other cellular telephone service provider on the market today. The main reason is due to the lack of a paid marketing campaign. We are not talking about a smaller or less aggressive marketing plan, but the complete lack of one. This is what greatly differentiates Solavei from the mainstream cell phone providers such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, and Verizon. While they are spending BILLIONS of dollars annually on marketing campaigns Solavei is relying on the simple yet effective word of mouth grass roots marketing approach. You see, the current users promote Solavei, and those users are compensated for doing so on a monthly basis. We will not go into great detail on the compensation plan, but to give you an idea of how it works, each member is paid $20 monthly for every “trio,” or 3 people that sign up for service under the user. To view complete information on the compensation plan you can CLICK HERE.
What Is Solavei
In these modern times, it seems as though everybody has a cell phone. While most cell phone companies continue to raise prices, Solavei thinks there is a better solution. How about UNLIMITED TALK TEXT AND DATA for $49/Month! NO contract and NO credit check. Cancel anytime without ever having to worry about an ETF.
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