The residents of Colorado love their Subaru cars, and for good reason. They seek out Subarus for Sale in Denver, Colorado because of the great traction those vehicles get in the snow that is so common in the state, and they also appreciate the reliability, performance, and stylishness that the manufacturer is known for.

The modern Subaru Imprezza, for example, has become a real favorite at Shortline Subaru of Denver, the state's top dealer. Younger buyers especially flock to the car, because its affordable price tag and excellent fuel economy allows them to make the most of their typically limited budgets. At the same time, the Imprezza is an impressively fun car to drive, offering sporty performance that derives from Subaru's rally racing heritage.

As these buyers mature and become better established, they tend to come back to the visit the Shortline website for the manufacturer's other offerings. The Legacy is a popular purchase for those starting families, as it offers a bit more in the way of room than the smaller Imprezza, while still being an extremely economical and reliable car. The car's continuously variable transmission ensures that it accelerates ably at every possible speed, from starting up at a light that has just turned green to passing on Colorado's highways. Like all Subaru cars, it also offers some impressive safety features and excellent road-holding power thanks to an all-wheel-drive system.

Buyers looking for even more in the way of performance find what they want in the WRX. Once an upgraded version of the Imprezza, today's WRX is its own machine, being closely related to the cars that run on the World Rally Championship circuit. For the amount of performance the car delivers, it is incredibly well priced, making this the Subaru Denver car enthusiasts are most likely to pine for. Despite the WRX's formidable performance bona fides, it is just as safe and reliable as the rest of Subaru's creations, a fact that is another reason for its popularity.

In short, then, Subaru seems to have something for nearly everyone, from those just buying their first cars to families looking for a capable second vehicle. Colorado residents have come to truly love the manufacturer's offerings over the years, now buying more of them on a per-capita basis than those just about anywhere else in the country. Dealers in the state, then, take a special pride in being able to provide such well-liked cars to locals, and their levels of business show how much their efforts are appreciated.