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All Dublin has to Offer
Dublin, Ireland is the capital of the country as well as the most popularly visited tourist destination in the entire country. Dublin is everything that you have heard and more. It is stunning in every form of the word and does not disappoint the traveler who has come to see and do and experience and live.

Dublin has an amazing culture and is rich in history. The capital sits near the River Liffey which is certainly a great advantage. And, of course, there are many bars and pubs found throughout Dublin, one of the beer capitals of the world.

Enjoying Dublin to the Fullest:

Arranging car hire at Dublin Airport opens up a lot of options. The list of fun activities available in Dublin is in no shortage. Most people enjoy knowing these attractions and activities are low-cost and sometimes free, depending on the time that you choose to visit and the particular activity that interests you.

If you want to get an extra special deal, check into packages when booking your hotel and airfare. Package deals oftentimes include itineraries filled with fun activities for the entire family, and the cost of the package is far less than what would be spent should you purchase them all separately.  

Things to Do:

While in Dublin here are a few popular destinations that you may enjoy -

  • Visit Temple Bar: This neighborhood is one of the best in all of Dublin, featuring a number of Cobblestone bars, art galleries and cafes blended together with astonishing architecture and old streets.
  • Visit the bars: There is no shortage of great bars to be found in Dublin. Among them Kehoe’s is one of the most popular. The ambiance of the place is the start of something special here. You can be sure that an awesome night will be waiting for you!
  • Dublin Castle: There is no visit complete until after a visit to the Dublin Castle. This is far from the usual castle. The 18th century building was built to host state functions as well as events like concerns. It is beautiful inside and out.
These are just a handful of the many wonderful things that you can do while in Dublin. There is something for everyone, no matter what they’ve came for, all in Dublin. Make sure that you visit is one that brings you plenty to talk about and tons of fantastic pictures and enjoy all that Dublin has to offer to you!
Shannon Airport Ireland
Shannon Airport is one of the busiest in Ireland. It is located in West Ireland. More than 1.75 million flights are taken in and out of this airport every single year. Aer Lingus is the most popular airline with destinations from Shannon Airport.

The single-terminal facility is smaller than most airports, but this is a good thing. It is easy to maneuver through and catch your flight without hassle. There are a ton of things to do while you wait for your flight, and the airport offers a number of special amenities to make your visit easier, including free Wi-Fi and airport shopping choices.

Among the dining and shopping options available at the airport you will find The Loop and Sheridan Pub and Café, among others.

Tips for Shannon Airport:

1. Arrive at the airport at least 1 ½ hours prior to your flight’s departure time. There are many things that you must do to get on the plane, so this time ensures that you get it all done.

2. Short term and long-term car parking options are available. Pre-arrange your parking and you can save time as well as money.

3. Money exchange is available at the airport.

4. Transportation from the airport is available and several car rental Shannon Airport companies are featured right inside of the airport for easy, hassle-free collection. Trains and buses are also available options for those who are interested.

5. Passports are needed for all travelers coming from outside of the UK.

6. Many of the shops and restaurants inside of Shannon Airport operate on a 24 hour basis, so they are there whenever your flight arrives.

Other Things to Know about Shannon:

Inside of Shannon Airport there is a bank terminal where money exchanges can be made as well as other services taken advantage of. A post office is also found inside of the airport for those occasions when you need to mail something out or receive it.

It is important to check your luggage as soon as possible upon arrival at the airport. This will certainly speed the process of catching your flight. If you are arriving at the airport, check to see if shuttle service is available from the hotel that you will be staying at. Oftentimes this service is included free of charge.

Your visit to Shannon Airport should not be stressful at all. This state-of-the-art airport has it all and then some!
A Guide to Cork
Cork, Ireland sits on the western part of the country. County Cork is the largest of all the Irish counties. It is also one of the most diverse. County Cork is made of many rolling hills and farmlands, although it is lined with an amazing coastline. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Cork runs into secret covers, beautiful and elegant sand and amazing bays that are every bit as dramatic as one could expect. It is safe to say this contribution and mix of scenery brings crowds to this special county on a yearly basis.

County Cork is lively and fun, guaranteed to help you find the most splendid time of your life. It is a visit the entire family will enjoy.

Getting Around in Cork:

Because Cork is not the typical city that you may be accustomed to, it is essential that you  have the proper transportation lined up before your arrival. Several options are available. Many people choose to rent a car at Cork Airport as this seems to be the most affordable and most convenient of the options. However it is important to note other method of transportation are also available, including rail way, ferry, public bus and taxi cabs. Many local hotels also offer shuttle service.

Things to Do:

There is no shortage of fun and exciting things to do in county Cork. Along with spending time exploring the beautiful waters and beaches of the Atlantic, Cork offers a plethora of art galleries, museums, and other fun. You should plan to visit the Blarney Castle, and ensure that shopping is on the itinerary.

Other fun things to do while in County Cork include a visit to the Fota Wildlife Park where you are free to explore many different animals; Fort Camden, a underground coastal fort that is absolutely stunning; and Greyhound Stadium. There are also many beautiful parks that can be enjoyed while in Cork.

Where to Eat:

Cork has a number of exciting restaurants that specialize in Irish foods but other cultures as well. There are fast food establishments, casual dining restaurants and of course the luxury upscale choices. There is something to accommodate the stomachs and tastes of all in County Cork.

Where to Stay:

There are also  numerous options for accommodation in Cork. Hotels, boutiques, bed and breakfast and short stay apartments are all available, in addition to hostels. Check several choices out and choose which is right for you.
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