Do you know that you can have your carpets cleaned without soaking them. It's called a "spin bonnet" method, and it conserves water and is better for the environment. If you're a person who recycles and you do everything you can to make your Earth a better place to live, you'll feel great when professional carpet cleaners use a "green" method to clean your expensive carpeting. Green cleaning products are non-toxic, and your home will not have a chemical smell to it during or after the carpet is cleaned. The most important thing is that little ones and pets will be safe rolling around on your freshly cleaned carpeting. Log on to for more information.

Once cleaned, your carpeting will be free of parasites, mites, dust and pet dander, and your home will have a fresh smelling fragrance to it. If your carpeting is new, having it cleaned regularly is going to keep it looking new all the time. Proper cleaning and not leaving dirt, dust and crumbs inside the fibers will ensure that the fibers don't rub against each other and wear out your carpeting before its time. Have you ever rented a carpet cleaner from the grocery store? You found out right away that it soaked your carpeting with chemical laced water that was going to take quite a while to dry, since the pad underneath was also soaked.

Can you imagine the amount of bacteria that were growing inside the padding, and the underside of the carpeting, by the time it did get dry? Do you know what toxic mold is? It grows in damp places like carpeting that hasn't been cleaned the right way. Don't take a chance of toxic mold growing in and under your fine carpeting. When your carpeting is cleaned the right way, it will be dry, and you and your entire family will be able to walk on it immediately.

If you own an office and need the carpeting cleaned, employees won't have to stay out overnight before they come back to work. They can walk right into a fresh smelling office, and you won't have to worry that employees with allergies will be sneezing from chemicals. Click on the website and ask for a quote on having your carpeting cleaned the way it should be cleaned - dry.