Nobody wants dirty carpets. While it may be tempting to clean the carpets yourself, hiring one of the commercial carpet cleaners oxford has to offer may be a better choice. To really get the carpet clean, a carpet cleaning machine is necessary. Rental machines can be difficult to use, take a lot of time and lead to the carpet getting saturated with too much water and taking too long to dry. Long drying times increase the risk of mildew or mold on the carpet. The cost for professional carpet cleaning varies based on a number of factors.

Pricing Structure

Some cleaners charge by the room, while others charge by the square foot. If carpet cleaners in Oxford are charging by the room and the rooms in a home are quite large, they may decide that larger rooms count as two rooms, leading to unexpected expenses. It can be a better deal to get cleaning based on square footage instead. Regardless of the method, carpet cleaning in larger homes tends to cost more overall.

Type of Cleaning Process Used

Ask which cleaning process a company uses. These are typically described as steam cleaning, which is more properly called hot water extraction since it's hot water and not steam that's used in the process, or dry cleaning, which isn't actually totally moisture-free either but uses low moisture techniques. Dry cleaning allows for a very quick drying time for the carpet and tends to keep the carpet looking clean for longer, while steam cleaning can require up to 24 hours to fully dry but doesn't affect carpet warranties.

Type of Carpet

Some types of carpet are harder to clean, and thus cleaning companies may charge extra to clean them. Berber is one of the least expensive carpets to clean, and cotton and wool carpets are among the most difficult and expensive to clean. Cut and level loop carpets fall somewhere in between.

Presence of Stains

Homeowners may want to spot treat any stains before calling a carpet cleaning company, as treating some types of stain can increase the cost of the carpet cleaning. The deeper the stain and the harder to remove, the more it will add to the cost of the cleaning.