SEO is a powerful and increasingly important tool in the grand battle for dominance in specific industries. It involves editing and altering content based on reaching the top rank of a search engine, most notably Google. The rise to the top page is rife with potential pitfalls, faster shortcuts, and web design attributes that are both perplexing and innovative.

But grasping onto the many intricate layers of SEO can leave a lot of small businesses in the dust. One of the main arbiters of great SEO is the implementation of the keyword. Visit to realize that Carlo Cabrera can do for a small upstart or a well developed company with their online presence.

What drives SEO?

SEO is driven by many factors, but perhaps the most important is the keyword. This main aspect of SEO began as a simple word, but has become increasingly more detailed over time. Now keywords have evolved to key strings and even key phrases entirely. These can all be altered to try to reach an audience for specific phrasings. Keywords remain the most relevant and elemental aspect of SEO, because they manage to define the size of the market.

The Long Tail of Keywords

Some keywords on the very top end of the tail are vague and extremely popular. This may be a term such as ‘new music.’ Simply look at the vagueness of this term. Furthermore, there is a high quantity of people that are searching for this term. Ranking high with the term ‘new music’ alone will guarantee incredible hits and click throughs. But it is also an incredibly competitive keyword. Due to its vagueness, everyone from the entire keyword phrase chain are trying to use it to some degree to rank high.

Yet, the very end of the long tail may have keywords that are extremely specific. This could be something such as ‘new rock music released in 2014United States.’ This is a very specific phrasing that still includes the same type of content. But ranking for it is far easier. Obviously, this is because the keyword does not get as many visitors and uses from it. So SEO strategies implementing it could get the, say, 200 monthly visitors that search for this keyphrase.

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