Light technology is continually changing. There are lots of different types of lights that can come in your car. Before you buy your next car, make sure you look into the light technology that is used in your new car. Laser and LED Driving Lights are two of the newest trends in lighting.

Laser Lights

Laser lights are really new, and currently the only car that offers laser lights are those produced by BMW. The headlights will feature lasers that are beamed at a cloud of yellow phosphorous gas within the headlights. When the gas is excited by the lasers, it puts off a powerful white glow. This white glow is reflected as light, and will be used to provide you with light to see with. You are supposed to be able to see up to 600 meters ahead of your vehicle with the new laser lights. Only time will tell if they are as effective as BMW promises.

LED Lights

Compared to laser lights, LED lights have been on the market for a while. They are probable the lights that are used to light up your dashboard every time you turn your car on. LED lights have been used in the interior of cars for a while because they are small and have a very long life.

Recently, Premium Car LED lights have begun to migrate to the outside of vehicles. In the past few years, car manufacturers such as Audi, Lexus, Toyota and Corolla have begun using LED headlights. LED headlights reach optimum brightness levels in a millionth of a second, beating out every other type of light in the quickness in which they reach optimum brightness.

LED lights have also been used recently for brake and indicator lights. They are extremely popular as brake and indicator lights because they light up so quickly, and allow the drivers behind your vehicle more time to respond to your actions on the road. This results in less traffic accidents due to the quicker response and reaction time of other drivers on the road.

One of the other advantages of LED lights is that they do not produce a lot of heat. All of the energy that they use goes into the lights instead of into producing heat like halogen and xenon bulbs and globes.

Before you purchase your next vehicle, inquire about what types of lights it has. The types of lights your car has can literally save your life. You can learn more about the benefits of LED lights at You can also purchase LED lights for business or personal use at PremiumCarLed.