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Rules of the Road in France - Car Rental

If you plan to drive in France then you need to know the following rules of the road:

1. All passengers are required to wear a seat beat. If you are not wearing a belt then you will be in danger of receiving a fine.

2. No one under the age of 10 is allowed to sit in the front seat of a vehicle.

3. The speed limits are: 31 mph in towns, 56mph for main roads, 68mph for dual carriage ways, 81mph on the motorways. The speed limits will be reduced during weather conditions that are poor. This is important for you to keep in mind when you are driving.

4. Fuel is actually cheaper in France which is surprising to many visitors. You can get the best prices on fuel if you work to get it on the parking of the supermarkets.

5. You have to be 18 years of age to be able to legally drive in France. This means someone who is visiting and 16 years old with an U.S. drivers license will not be able to operate a motor vehicle here. You need to keep this in mind when visiting.

6. When driving a car in France it is a law that you have a triangle and a high visibility jacket. This is a safety measure for any breakdowns that might occur. If you don't have these you can end up getting fined so be sure to carry them along.

If you don't know about a law for driving in France it is always best to ask someone. These are some of the law differences that you will need to know but likely not all the laws that may be different. Be sure that you are familiar with everything necessary to know so that you can avoid fines at all possible costs. After all you are there to have fun not to get a ticket for breaking the law.

Car Hire Nice Airport

See All Nice Has to Offer with Car Hire. France is, for most of the people out there, a dream destination when it comes to traveling abroad. If you have decided to make this dream come true, then you should consider going beyond Paris and discover the other parts of France as well, especially since they can provide you with a unique experience you will most likely never forget.

Nice is one of the most popular cities in France and its reputation was not created without any reason. Set right by the seaside, this city will bring together the French colors and the exotic sight of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Nice is both a small city and a large one at the same time. From the point of view of its area, it is obviously not as large as its famous sibling, Paris, since it only measures around 71 square km (approximately 28 square miles). Still, with a population that goes up to 1 million, Nice is considered to be the 5th largest one in the country.

If you want to enjoy Nice at its best, then calling for the services of an agency is the most appropriate thing to do. Nice has so many things to offer to its visitors that it will be difficult to get to see them all without a proper means of transportation. From its bewildering beach to the archaic buildings, from its culturally rich museums to the gorgeous opera house and from the catholic Notre Dame de Nice to the Russian Orthodox Church, Nice will have something for everyone. If your time is limited, then hiring a car and sticking to a schedule will be essential to get to see as much as possible of this city and to come back home bearing the beautiful memories you built in this amazing city.

A city that combines old tradition to gorgeous post-modernism, a city where everyone, regardless of age or taste, will have something memorable to do or see – this is Nice and the cultural richness of it will embalm your eyes and your soul in proverbially French beauty and style.

Family Fun in Nice

Nice is a city located in this part of France that will be perfect for all kinds of getaways, from family holidays to city breaks for singles. When it comes to families though, this place can be a great educational destination, as well as an extremely entertaining one for adults and children alike. Here are some of the top family attractions in Nice:

  1. Nice Cemenelum Museum and Site is a place that will be attractive both for kids and for their parents, since they regularly organize fun, yet educational workshops for the young ones. If you are into archeology and your children like crafting, then this museum will provide you with a great time.
  2. Embarking on the Train of Wonders is also a fun activity for a family in Nice. This train leaves from Nice and ends up in Tende, and along the way you will be able to enjoy stunning scenes typical of the Southern France.
  3. The French are famous for their perfumes, so why not make an educational trip to a perfume factory in Nice (such as the Molinard Perfume Factory, for instance)? This kind of trip will surely be enjoyed both by you as parents and by your children, since they probably do not get the chance to see how perfumes are actually made every day (and if your children are girls, this will be even more enjoyable).
  4. Attending the Nice Carnival would be amazing for your children, since this is a period when an explosion of color and fun activities takes place. This carnival is organized each winter, it lasts for 15 days and it brings together more than 1000 musicians and dancers for the parades. All of your family will enjoy it at the uttermost!
Hotels in Nice

When looking for great hotels in nice some to consider are:

1. Hotel Negresco- This hotel has furniture that is antique and authentic, artifacts, art, and great taste. It is one of the most expensive hotels but is a great option for those looking for a really nice luxury hotel.

2. Hotel La Perouse- This hotel is a luxury hotel as well. It offers views that are outstanding of the city and the sea. It is not far from the center but seems a bit withdrawn. It is placed on a stretch that is private that offers politeness, comfort, and flowers.

3. Palais de la Mediterranee- This hotel is perhaps one of the best-provisioned and most expansive of the luxury hotels in nice. The appearance of this hotel is great. It offers beauty and comfort all at the same time. It is certainly one of the hotels that many recommend visiting.

4. Villa Les Cygnes- This hotel has the dignity and charm of a villa in the 1920's. This hotel offers great conversation, good taste, and courtesy that has been forgotten. It is a hotel that falls in the medium price range and is one that is sure to make you feel comfortable.

5. Hotel Nice Riviera- This hotel falls in the medium range of price as well. The appearance here is more modern. There was a renovation recently and the bottom floor has columns, wood paneling, tiled flooring that is shiny, mirrors, and loom chairs. This is a four-star hotel and many can enjoy all that it has to offer.

6. Hotel Star- This hotel has the look of a small market from the outside but it is Nice's busiest hotel. The hotel is just bouncing with energy from its owner. Many people find this to be a great hotel for those looking for a pleasurable hotel with a smaller price.

All these hotels are great and Nice offers many more hotels for its visitors.

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