We hear many horror stories in the media about people being hurt or having their home or their car damaged as a result of accidents and mishaps involving tradesman such as builders or plumbers. There are so many things that might go wrong whilst they are working.

If you are a gardener or painter & decorator, you might think that your company is not at risk and there are hardly any things that could happen to leave your business exposed. Have you considered that you might use a power tool that blows the electrics causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage to electrical or computer equipment in the customer's home? Have you considered what might happen if your client was to trip over a tin of paint and fall down the stairs?. You could find yourself paying damages for any injuries incurred together with any loss of earnings for the client because of those injuries.

The majority of people associate Public Liability Insurance to the more high threat trades such as gas fitter's and electrician's for obvious reasons, and whilst it is absolutely essential that those trades are adequately insured, it is just as important for any individual working with, and around the public to be insured. The cost of public liability insurance is directly related to the dangers involved in your particular trade. Handymen, gardeners and flower arrangers will pay significantly less than gas fitters, plumbers or roofers for example - the dangers are different. Click on the following link to obtain a free, no obligation online quote for Direct Line Tradesmen Insurance

Sadly we live in a time where some people seem to search for things to claim compensation for and make use of the tiniest of errors to cause problems. I'm sure that much of the blame for this mentality can be laid at the door of the "no win - no fee" lawyers who are advertising on our TV's each and every day. Any sole trader or small limited company owner who wishes to risk their credibility and financial future 'trusting' their clients not to trip over a wire, or slip on a wet surface in order to try and claim thousands of pounds compensation could be viewed as foolish.

With premiums for liability insurance beginning at around £56 annually, it is an unneeded risk. Direct Line offer public liability policies tailored to fit your trade and requirements completely. They offer a price guarantee and you can pay by monthly instalments with 0% interest for the first year. You can get quotes online by clicking the link earlier in this article. You might even find that some of your customers will ask to see a certificate of insurance before they agree to you doing any work for them, in act this is slowly becoming the 'norm'. Customers wish to make sure that if any individual is hurt, or any home is damaged - the tradesman is insured properly