Short term loan options are perfect for those who hate long term commitments. The most popular type of short term loan is the payday loan. This type of loan must be paid back when the borrower receives their next paycheck. This is quite difficult for some people to manage. There is a payday loan alternative that is offered by captaincash that makes a lot more sense. It allows the borrower more time to repay for the loan. The minimum amount of installments is 3, so this will also make the monthly payments much lower. It is a good alternative and it allows the borrower the time to get their finances back in order. Most of the applicants for this type of loan are those who are in need of quick money due to an unexpected repair, bill or event. They are easy to obtain and the money is usually in their checking accounts within 24 hours after approval. They truly help those who may be in a bit of a bind.

The application process is quite simple and can be completed online with an e-signature. This makes this one of the most convenient loans available. An applicant can actually become approved from the comfort of their own home. This is good news for those who don't get out much or have transportation worries There is a lot more information about the loan process available at This type of loan can be used in whatever way the borrower sees fit.

There are a few requirements that must be met in order to become approved for this payday loan alternative. The loan applicant must be a Canadian resident who is at least 18 years of age. Their employer must pay them by direct deposit into their Canadian bank account and they must make at least $1200 each month. It is important that they have a stable job where they have worked for at least 3 months. An applicant cannot be on the verge of bankruptcy and they also need to have a low short term debt to income ratio. Those are the basic requirements and one can learn more about them by visiting captain cash online.

Many prefer to deal with captain cash because they are a brokerage company that is very dedicated to finding their clients the perfect 750$ loan options. Their mission is to meet and exceed the needs of their clients and they take a lot of pride in providing outstanding services.