Summer camp is one of those experiences that become memories that are with people for a lifetime. It gives children the opportunity to meet new friends, learn new skills and have adventures they may have never enjoyed otherwise. The only problem with summer camp was that many children found being away from home for a week or more too stressful to endure. This led to tearful letters home and car trips in the middle of the night.

Finally that problem was solved with the appearance of day camp. This wonderful innovation allowed children the opportunity to have all of the experiences of the best summer camp without the homesickness that prevented some from being able to enjoy it. These campers are able to spend all day, every day doing all the things campers do, but still sleeping in their own bed each night.

These programs, like that offered by the Badger Sports Club offer an option for children during those long weeks of summer. Rather than sitting in front of a TV or playing video games, kids can still experience all of the wonderful activities that have historically made summer camp worthwhile. This means arts and crafts, nature studies and swimming, athletics and more are all available as well as much more.

Badger Sports Club goes above and beyond what other day camps or summer programs offer. They provide convenient door to door transportation for kids with parents who are not able to schedule their work day around camp. They also offer their campers a nutritious hot lunch and camps for teens much more. They make it possible for busy working parents to ensure that their children still get to have the summer they have been hoping for even when the parent's schedule would normally get in the way.

Badger Sports Club does what summer camp is supposed to do. It opens up a world of excitement and adventure to children from various backgrounds. It brings these children together and teaches them to trust and rely on one another as it helps to build bonds that will last a lifetime.

If you are wondering what your kids will be doing this summer, check out the possibilities at Why leave them bored at home, getting into trouble? Break them out of the daycare rut and give your children the summer they will always remember. Contact the club to learn more about the programs they offer and how you can get your own children involved.