People say that Ron knows it all when it comes to survival and knowing how to prep. He teaches classes and in his classes he teaches things he thinks people should know when they are faced with a survival situation. He also teaches people about the different types of foods that are available. One of Ron’s favorite foods for backpacking or survival is the different types of camping meals that’s out there. One thing he always talks about is when buying food to take on a trip always think about how you are going to cook it and think about how much it weighs. He always says every ounce counts when you have to carry it a few miles into the woods.

Ron says that the reason he likes camping meals so much is because they don’t weigh hardly anything and because they are easy to make while in the woods. In his class he talks about that the longer you prep and the longer you are into survival the more your systems and packs will change and develop. He says you will change your gear a lot; you will take some away and add some to your backpacks. The one thing Ron has added to his gear that he has never taken out though is his camping meals. He says that’s one thing he has added that will never be taken off of his survival list because it does a perfect job and that there isn’t anything out there that can do the jobs better.