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Jason loves using his camping meals!

One of Jason’s hobbies is prepping and part of that is having supplies like food and different resources he could use in case of an emergency or bad situation. Jason has been big into survival for a long time and definitely knows his stuff but one thing he wasn’t sure about was what type of food he should buy to keep in his survival gear. He did his research and came across camping meals and the first thing he noticed about them was that they took up very little space. Jason ended up buying a handful of camping meals just to try out when he went backpacking. After testing out the food he bought he decided that it would work perfect for a lot of things. Backpacking and go great into his survival gear.

It didn’t take long for Jason to have a bunch of camping meals saved up and put away in case anything happened.  He wasn’t ever afraid of anything happening or going wrong he just liked being prepared for situations and thought that if you didn’t prepare or have some sort of backup plan then you were the crazy one.  Prepping can be something fun to do; you just have to do it the right way. Buying a bunch of stuff just to buy stuff isn’t the right way to go about it but when Jason bought his camping meals he knew that he would be able to use them for a lot of things besides having them in his survival gear room.

How I use camping meals

For the past few years I have really been into going on backpacking trips and survival. The main thing I have struggled with was finding the right food to take with me. I have tried all sorts of foods, dried food, canned food and much more. I recently found a product that I have really enjoyed, camping meals. The great thing about this is that I can use it for both of my hobbies which are backpacking and survival. The camping meals that I get don’t weigh very much at all and they take up very little space in my backpack. On top of being great for backpacking this food stores great and keeps for a long time. I have a survival stash where if anything happened I have the supplies I need but one thing I needed to add to it was food.

Freeze Dried Food

I searched for a long time and once I found the camping meals I knew right away that, that was the perfect food to put into my survival room. Before I went crazy and bought a ton of this food I wanted to make sure I could eat it and that I liked it. Well after the first bite all my worries went away because it was actually good. I was very shocked at how good they were.  If backpacking or prepping is something you are into you need to go out and grab you a bunch of camping meals and start taking them with you on your adventures.

Ron talks about camping meals

People say that Ron knows it all when it comes to survival and knowing how to prep. He teaches classes and in his classes he teaches things he thinks people should know when they are faced with a survival situation. He also teaches people about the different types of foods that are available. One of Ron’s favorite foods for backpacking or survival is the different types of camping meals that’s out there. One thing he always talks about is when buying food to take on a trip always think about how you are going to cook it and think about how much it weighs. He always says every ounce counts when you have to carry it a few miles into the woods.

Ron says that the reason he likes camping meals so much is because they don’t weigh hardly anything and because they are easy to make while in the woods. In his class he talks about that the longer you prep and the longer you are into survival the more your systems and packs will change and develop. He says you will change your gear a lot; you will take some away and add some to your backpacks. The one thing Ron has added to his gear that he has never taken out though is his camping meals. He says that’s one thing he has added that will never be taken off of his survival list because it does a perfect job and that there isn’t anything out there that can do the jobs better.

The purpose of camping meals.

The one think I love about camping meals is the fact that you don’t just have to use them just for camping they can be used for survival food also. First of all, I think that everyone should be prepared for any situation in one way or another, either have a plan if something happens or maybe your plan is to stay home and wait it out, there for you have a supply room in your house. Being prepared doesn’t mean you a afraid of something happening in your town but it just means you have looked at things around you and have just prepared just in case something does happen, I call that being smart not afraid. Obviously one of the main things you want in your safe room is food because if you don’t have food or water you will not be able to survive.  Something I look for when I buy supplies is the many uses of that certain item. So when it came to buying food to keep at my house I wanted to buy camping meals.

The reason I bought camping meals instead of some other food source is because they don’t weigh very much  so if I had to leave my home I could carry a lot with me and another reason is because they don’t take up much space. Remember when you buy things for either backpacking or a survival situation think about the uses of that item and always look at other options at there. I will tell you now, you won’t find a better food than camping food to take with you, and they taste good and weight almost nothing. 
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