ROI Unlimited launched in January of 2011 and since that time there has been a flurry of excitement and testimonials about the products and the money making opportunity. This is not unusual for a new opportunity, however, the difference that with this company is that they claim that they have figured out how to resolve the age old problem that many people have; finding targeted prospects who want to join them in their business. In this article we are going to take a look at the components that the owners, Fred Schwartz and Brian Spangler have built into this opportunity and believe will make it much easier for members to be successful. Let's take a look at these components:

"Follow Me" Matrix

ROI Unlimited has the first ever companywide "follow me" matrix. This matrix allows members to "follow" their sponsors and help them get to the top of their matrix and earn their commissions.

Benefit Of Work of Your Downline And Your Upline

This component is intended to allow everyone on the team to benefit from the work of the whole team. Everybody that your sponsor brings into the company will be placed on your board helping you reach the top, cycle and make your commission. As a result you will benefit not only from everyone on your board but also your sponsor even if they have already cycled off your board.

Required Sponsorships

In order to minimize the "stall affect", the point where a board stalls because no one on that board is bringing in new member, the company introduced the Required Sponsorship rule. After members cycle off their first Accelerator Board, they are required to bring in at least two memberships before they are able to re-enter the Accelerator Board. This ensures that the boards keep moving.

ROI Unlimited Pay It Forward Program

Because many people might need help meeting the Required Sponsorship rule, ROI Unlimited introduced the Pay It Forward Pram. This program not only ensures that members who may not want to or know how to recruit can meet this requirement and continue to earn commissions, but it also keeps the boards moving ensuring the company's success. This program also allows people who are struggling financially the opportunity to become members of ROI Unlimited. They only need to sign-up on the website provided and when a member needs to sponsor someone; they are automatically given a member who needs financial help paying the $250.

These components were put into place in order to minimize and maybe even take away the struggle that many people face when trying to build a home-based business. However, the reality is that no company can ensure your success in any program. If you are serious about your success this is program warrants a closer look and you can find more information at

But, you will also need to have the skills and techniques to market your business in a way that will bring many prospects to your website. The more people that come to your website, the more people will join you in your business. It really is in the numbers. To learn the skills that top marketers are using right now to grow their businesses and rake in tons of money for FREE, visit

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