The Ford Focus C-Max was made by the European automakers, Ford. It was launched in the year 2003 and is manufactured till today. It is considered to be the smallest utility vehicle also known as multipurpose vehicle. It has 5 doors that can seat five persons. The boot area is very big and can be further increased by folding the rear seats. It underwent a facelift in the year 2006. The increase of the wheel arch and twin grillies that were trapezoidal brought about more efficiency. The headlights were also made angular in order to increase the range of the light beam. This proved to be useful in places where fogs were profuse. The engines had capacities ranging from 1.6L to 2L. It runs on petrol majorly. It has automatic and manual transmission. It is believed that the Ford Focus C-Max is going to undergo another facelift in 2010.

Since the cost of production at the present location in Germany is high, the production will soon be moved to Spain. The Ford Focus C-Max gives a highly smooth drive. The suspension is good and with body roll being so less is a very good option for a long drive. Though initially it is not that smooth, it picks up fast. From the beginning of its launch it has been a successful model. The factors that made it a favorite were its front modifications. It had first introduced angular lights and head lights that were very effective even in foggy climate. The seating position of the driver is another boost to the interior design of the car. It feels like sitting in a racing car. It is always a debate as to whether a Ford C-Max can be grouped under utility vehicle.

It has a design which similar to a hatch back. Most of utility vehicles can accommodate at least seven passengers but on the other hand C-Max has room only for five passengers. The interior is tending towards utmost sophistication. It is made up of good quality materials and with the facility of touch screen. The car is not very spacious for the rear passengers. There is very little room for stretching legs. Unlike the rear, the front part is spacious. The driver seat is on a higher level giving a brilliant experience while driving. The handling of the car as a whole has been a great advantage for the success of the Ford Focus C-Max. The manual transmission is also an advantage and makes it a very good choice. The radio dash kit double DIN consists of fascia panel, removable keys and adaptors that are of two types. It can either be harnessed or be aerial. These adaptors help in the conversion to din sized unit. The plate colour comes in black and other colours that can be selected according to the interiors of the car. The double DIN comprises two parts. One is the head unit and another unit for CD player. This is getting more popular nowadays.

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