In order to fight fires effectively, fire fighters must have the right Fire Fighting Equipment. Cutting corners on equipment could get a firefighter severely injured or killed. Firefighters who don't have quality equipment will probably recognize that fact. They may feel less confident when facing blazes if they know their equipment isn't going to protect them. First off, firefighters need clothing that can protect them from fire. Hoods can be used to help cover areas that would be otherwise exposed to fire. Gloves are also important. It's important for firefighters to have access to different types of gloves. Some gloves may be better suited for rescuing people from car wrecks and things of that nature. Other gloves are better suited for dealing with high levels of heat. Firefighters should be given time to get used to new gloves.

Whether it's one of the Cairns Helmets on the market or helmet from another quality manufacturer, it's important that firefighters have quality head protection. When a fire ravages a building, it can cause parts of the building to collapse. Falling debris could severely injure a firefighter if a helmet isn't being worn. A firefighter on a rescue mission could find themselves in need of being rescued if they are incapacitated by falling debris. Most quality helmets on the market will come with some type of eye protection. Eye protection for firefighters can come in the form of either a faceshield or goggles. Faceshields tend to cover more of the face than goggles, but goggles form a seal around the eyes. Some firefighters might actually wear goggles underneath their faceshields. It's also important for firefighters to have access to Portable Fire Equipment. Portable equipment makes fighting fires in remote locations possible. Firefighters who don't have enough portable equipment will face logistical issues when trying to deal with fires in locations that aren't easy to access. These issues may result in a delayed response that may result in the fire spreading. Lives could be lost when a fire is allowed to spread unchecked.

Fires can happen in just about any location. Wetland Equipment and equipment that can be used in other areas helps firefighters to be prepared for just about any scenario. It's important for firefighters to plan for any situation no matter how remote the possibility of that situation happening might be. If equipment has been sitting around for a long time without being used, firefighters should test it out to make sure that it is still fit for use. This can be done during downtime at the fire station