Firefighters and rescue personnel require specialized gear to keep them safe during the workday. This includes clothing made from fire-resistant materials to allow them to navigate through burning structures easily. It also requires them to secure helmets made to last. If you wish to review these products further, you should visit Kaza Fire today.

Examining Your Options

With the firefighter shirts today, you have the option to acquire fiberglass or leather choices. Both helmets offer you with adequate protection against the impact of falling debris by providing a foam inner cushion to absorb the pressure. This prevents a serious injury and prevents them from becoming unconscious at critical moments.

Protecting Your Head

The helmets feature ear laps that cover your ears, neck and throat effectively. This stops fire and heat from reaching your skin and causing a serious burn. It also reduces the temperature to prevent excessive heat exposure, which could present other health risks to you in the work environment.

Easy Removal of the Helmet

In the field, there are times in which you will need to remove your helmet quickly. For instance, if you must administer CPR to a victim, every moment wasted removing a difficult helmet could reduce the success of saving this individual. With the one-step removal for the connecting buckle, these helmets are easy to remove in a matter of seconds.

Prevention of Visibility Issues

The face shield is guaranteed not to warp or bow. This is advantageous in the prevention of visibility problems. With select models, you could also acquire prescription shields to assist you with vision. This prevents the need to wear glasses or contact, which could present their own problems in the work environment. The shield is constructed of treated glass that prevents shattering or breaking when exposed to high temperatures. This also eliminates the possibility of distortion.

Extended Warranty and Service

All cairns helmets provide you with an extended warranty. In most cases, the warranty is valid for five years to provide extra coverage for potential damage. In the event that any portion of the helmet becomes damaged during this time, the warranty pays all costs associated with the vital repairs.

Firefighters and emergency personnel should review the gear available to them for heightened protection. They should also ensure that the gear is certified and approved by OSHA and other federal safety standards. If you wish to learn more about these products, you should visit today.