Deciding to get engaged can become a bit tricky, especially if you don't know what kind of ring your "fiance' to be" would want. How are you going to find out what she likes or what her ring size is without it becoming obvious? You'd like the ring, and the moment you pop the question to be a complete surprise, but you also want to wait long enough to be certain she'll say "yes." The engagement rings you think are fabulous may be out of your budget range right now, especially if you're just graduating from college and starting a new job in the corporate world.

There's a CAD software located in jewelers's row in Philly that you should visit by yourself. You'll be able to speak to an associate who will answer the questions you have about settings, sizes, diamonds, and the difference between buying silver, platinum or gold bands. They understand, that to a novice ring buyer, you want something affordable, but a ring that is still quite beautiful. An associate will go over facts about precious metals, and stones, that will help you choose the exact ring you want at an affordable price. They can also custom design a set of rings perfect for you and your "bride to be" that no other bride will ever have.

One method you can use to find out what she likes, is by looking looking through a catalog pretending to be searching for a watch you'd like to buy. Ask her which one she likes and then point to one of the most expensive diamond engagement rings on the page. Just say something like, "Wow!, that's really some ring, isn't it?" She may say it's too flashy for her taste and tell you she likes another one better. There's also another important factor to consider when deciding to purchase a ring for the love of your life; that it would be a truly great experience to shop for a ring together.

If the person you've fallen in love with is as remarkable as you think, you can present her with a less expensive ring, and then shop together for one at a later time. One guideline you can use when thinking about what is affordable, is the two month rule. Whatever you earn in a two month period is a good guideline for the cost of an engagement ring. Many jewelery stores provide financing for the rings you want to purchase, so that may allow you to buy rings that are a little more expensive. This is fine if you aren't getting married real soon and have time to pay them off. You definitely don't want to start married life in a mountain of debt.