Though many phone and satellite providers tout the benefits of DSL Internet service, most people who have DSL are not happy with it. Unfortunately, it can be unbearably slow and does not pair well with today's website demands for various forms of media. Thankfully, there is a DSL alternative that allows people to not only have higher speeds of Internet but to also save money on their monthly Internet costs.

DSL, also known as a Digital Subscriber Line is a type of Internet that uses the same type of wiring as is used with a telephone. Though there are some advantages of DSL, such as no need for additional wiring, there are many drawbacks that end up leading people to switch to cable high-speed Internet. DSL connections are fairly strong when a person is located near the central office of the provider. Unfortunately, the speed can dramatically weaken the further away a person is from the central office. Most people find DSL is generally faster for receiving information while it can be much slower when a person is trying to send information.

Using a satellite TV alternative, like cable, can allow a person to have all of the services they need such as phone, cable and Internet at one low monthly price. Through a bundled plan, people can save an exponential amount over their combined DSL and phone or DSL and satellite service. Some cable providers have Internet speeds that are as high as 300Mbps. Fortunately, cable Internet is not affected by the weather and does not slow down when multiple devices are being used.

There are many different plans a person can choose when they want to switch to cable Internet. A cable representative can assist people in understanding the different types of packages and speeds so they can determine which type will most benefit their needs. With cable services, an entire family can enjoy all types of media without causing problems with connections or speeds.

Those who are interested in a cable bundle should contact their local provider to get started. Many cable companies offer big savings and incentives when customers are switching from their local phone company or satellite.