Schisandra chinensis is a native plant commonly found in China and parts of Russia. It grows best in the forests, where it and its fruit are harvested. In Russia it is often used as a natural sweetener in numerous beverages and food products. The Russians, like the Chinese, have discovered that this plant is beneficial for more than just a flavoring.

The Russians have used Schizandra as an appetite suppressant, making it possible for hunters to work for a full day without the need for food. These same hunters used it to provide energy for those hunts as well. The Chinese have believed for centuries in its ability to cure gastrointestinal distress, to re-hydrate by encouraging the body to produce more fluid and to protect the heart and kidneys.

After studying the popular plant, many modern medical professionals are discovering it is effective for treating numerous health concerns and aiding the body in many ways. Repeatedly the herb was shown to be capable of protecting against extreme temperatures. It was found to protect against infection, heavy metal poisoning and low air pressure. These benefits may make it possible for humans to work in extreme conditions without risking their health.

Improvement in the function of the endocrine, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems have been noted with use of the Schizandra benefits. It is able to boost all of these systems, reducing the potential for illness and possibly healing existing concerns. Blood pressure may be reduced and circulation improved, helping the heart and lungs to stay stronger and healthier.

It is equally appreciated for its ability to improve mental function. It reduces stress, and can improve mental clarity even when the body is tired. With use of this natural herb many have been able to improve their vision and ability to think clearly, even when exhaustion would normally have reduced these abilities. The physical symptoms of tiredness like weakness or feeling shaky are also lessened or eliminated.

The list of its uses and benefits is lengthy, with many believing it is able to improve sexual ability and restore youth in addition to all of its other abilities. The herb can be purchased in a powdered form for the easiest method of consumption. This powder can be made into a hot tea or used as a supplement in smoothies or juice drinks. It can also be consumed on its own, with many enjoying its tart and sweet flavor. To get the most from the herb, buy Schizandra from Lucidera. This will guarantee the freshest product as well as one that is 100 percent genuine and organically grown.