Properly selected, positioned and used, space heaters can help to cost-effectively make living and working spaces more comfortable. Even in places where central heating systems do an inadequate job of keeping temperatures toasty, a space heater can often be used to selectively warm up an area and do it without costing overly much in the way of fuel or electricity.

A range of pro com heaters, for example, such as are available at, make excellent choices for warming up workshops or basement dens. Varying in heating capacity from as little as 5,000 BTU to 30,000 or more, these heaters come in enough varieties that virtually any domestic heating need can be catered to.

Some users find that electric heaters are the most convenient. Requiring no more than an outlet to plug into, these heaters offer fairly efficient output and do it without ever needing to be refueled. Heaters of this kind also come with a variety of safety features that will ensure that they will not burn users or cause fires to break out, so that using them delivers peace of mind as well as greater comfort.

Others find that heaters based on natural gas or propane can make more sense. In terms of cost for a given amount of heating delivered, either fuel can be substantially more efficient than using electricity, although exactly how much of a difference users can expect will depend on local pricing for the relevant resources. In any case, both fuels can be used to power safe, efficient heaters that provide natural, comfortable heat that is appropriate for confined spaces and indoor use.

In addition to coming with the same sets of safety features that are expected with electric heaters, those based on gas fuel also typically include additional ones that aim at keeping them from becoming fire hazards. Most will automatically shut off the supplies of fuel when tipped over, for example, so that the heat-producing flames within them will not pose a threat to users or their homes. With excellent safety records over their many years of use, heaters of this kind can be a good, safe option for those who could use more in the way of warmth.