People who like to go boating know how dangerous it can be to go in shallow water. Rocks, manatees, seals, and plenty of other things can hit a propeller and cause a lot of damage to a boat. A boat with damaged propeller blades is not going to be traveling very far, which can be a serious situation out on the water. This is why there are propellers that are made to take a lot more damage than a regular one. A propeller with shock absorbent blades will be able to hit something and not be completely damaged. Also, a high-quality propeller will come with replaceable blades for the central hub. Normally, a single damaged blade means that the entire propeller needs to be replaced. However, advanced propellers have individual parts that can be replaced to prevent spending too much money.

When looking for a Boat Prop with interchangeable blades, one should check out Piranha Propellers. This is one of the most popular companies for composite boat propellers because theirs are able to absorb shock and also have replaceable blades. A Boat Propeller will last for a lot longer than normal when the central hub doesn't have to be replaced on a regular basis. It's a simple matter of changing out blades, which is why most professional boaters prefer this type of Boat Prop. It's even possible to turn the motor off and change out a blade in the middle of the water if the damage happens while out and about. Most times, a boat will have to wait for a tow boat to come pick them up and tack them back to the dock so they can hoist the boat out of the water and replace the motor. This process has been eliminated with the invention of advanced boat propellers.

Think of how much exploring you can do when you don't have to worry about your motor being damaged in shallow waters. Also, there's no need to keep a tow boat phone number on hand when you can replace any damaged propeller parts right in the water. An advanced propeller can save a professional boater time and money, which everybody is always looking to do.

Another benefit of interchangeable blades is that a motor can be tuned for the current purpose. There's no more worrying about replacing a motor with a larger one when going skiing; instead, simply replace the propellers with larger blades. Take advantage of the benefits an advanced propeller offers if you like to go boating on a regular basis.