Like everything computer-related, Bitcoin amounts, at the lowest level, to nothing more than zeroes and ones. Computers do not understand anything else, after all, even if these humble building blocks can be put to some pretty spectacular uses. People who feel put off by what some see as the complexity of Bitcoin would do well to remember this fact.

Although the system itself is truly complex, participating in it is not. Many people hear about the so-called mining farms that dominate the network today, wondering thereafter how they could ever find a place beside these gigantic operations. The reality, however, is that there is no need to do so for the vast majority of those who buy bitcoins. In fact, buying and using Bitcoin is no more complex than banking online.

Readers who click here, for example, will see how easy it is to use a modern Bitcoin exchange. While the early exchanges often demanded a lot from their users, forcing them to master complex software and remember long strings of apparently random letters and digits, today's are much easier to take advantage of.

Most such exchanges, for example, more or less automate the whole process of setting up a Bitcoin wallet. Essentially nothing more than a long, character-based address with a corresponding key, this is the only way to receive and hold onto Bitcoin.

While there are a multitude of ways of creating a new one, many of these were formerly pretty complicated. Recognizing this, exchanges that aim at making Bitcoin easier to use have tackled this problem head-on.

The result has been a new wave of wallet creation software that requires virtually nothing in the way of specialized knowledge. Most people who create new accounts at exchanges, today, in fact, will find that they end up with their very own wallets as an integrated part of the process.

With every detail taken care of in these elegant, simple ways, making use of Bitcoin today is far easier than many people would suppose. Even if there is some incredibly complex software underlying the system, the fact is that understanding it is no harder than coming to grips with ones and zeroes.