With people around the world becoming wealthier and equipped with more in the way of disposable income, economic transformations of many sorts are underway. Nearly half of the world's population is spread between the dynamic countries of India and Offshore Gold Storage China alone, and both of these nations are undergoing incredible economic growth. As people in those countries and elsewhere begin to experience, for the first time, the pleasures and luxuries of middle-class life, they are having a major impact on a number of longstanding markets and industries.

That can be seen most easily in the financial sector. Although the price of gold has fallen significantly from its record highs of a few years back, many analysts are convinced that it is headed back up. A big reason for that is surging demand for the substance from newly wealthy consumers in India, China, and elsewhere, as people who would formerly never have had the means to buy jewelry now do.

Developments of this kind, of course, inevitably produce opportunities for the investors who first take appropriate action. With gold having stalled somewhat at its current price levels, some experts feel that the time to jump back in is now, with a number of good ways of doing so now being available.

Although futures are one way of investing in gold and getting ahead of what some consider an inevitable price upswing, they are not for everybody. In fact, many experts recommend that most investors pursue a different avenue entirely.

Buying gold bullion, while perhaps less exciting than trading futures contracts, is a proven, reliable way of investing in the substance. It does, however, come with at least one significant downside, although that is now easy to account for and overcome.

What most investors who go this route do today, then, is to take advantage of Gold Storage services like BuyAndStoreGold.com. Instead of needing to keep a stock of gold safely at home or in some other controlled location, an investor who makes use of this option can let another, more specialized party do the work.

Using a Gold Storage service, in fact, can make it just as simple to invest in gold as to buy stocks or bonds through an online broker. Many such companies even offer Gold IRA accounts that can be used for retirement purposes, further improving the flexibility of their services. With the consumers of China, India, and elsewhere poised to drive further demand for gold, this is looking like an increasingly attractive option to many.