A removalist company is one that helps people and businesses in the relocation of their goods from one place to another. There are many reasons why you may want to move, this includes a new job, when on transfer to another company or you may relocate once you buy your own home. This relocation process involves packing and moving furniture and other household goods, and is one that requires most time and effort. This is the reason it may be important to involve furniture movers Melbourne.

And not just any movers - they have to be experienced, qualified and have affiliation with industry bodies.

We shall discuss some of the general traits that all removals companies should have with a view to educating you on what to look for when you decide to choose them.

There are so many removals companies in Melbourne and knowing the right company to use maybe difficult. The following is a checklist that should be used when looking for a good moving company:

1. Does the company have good practice guidelines it uses?

2.The company should be able to provide you with a pamphlet that contains information concerning customer,and mover rights and responsibilities.There should also be material that will regard mover liability for loss or damage

3. Confirm that the company is insured. They will need to provide you with the insurance company's name and policy number

4. A good moving company needs to have their own equipment

5. Confirm what type of services the company will provide at the end of the move. These include unpacking, storage or claims settlement

6. The company should use vehicles that are designed for household goods moving and storage

7. Confirm the type of storage facilities that the company has. It is important to visit and check out the company's offices, their storage facilities and vehicles before you contract them

8. The mover needs to have a Workers' Compensation Board certificate. This is very important as you may have to pay for any injuries suffered by an employee when moving

9. Check the length of time that the company has been in business because experience is important

10. A good moving company should be licensed

The following are the advantages of using a good moving company:

> A good moving company will lessen the stress involved in the relocation process

> You will have peace of mind knowing that the company will offer some type of valuation insurance. This covers part of the value of the belongings you are transporting

> The professional movers will have the necessary equipment used in shifting furniture and heavy objects. This reduces the risk of injury to you and also reduces the risk of breakage for your items

> Using these movers is very convenient as they will pack all your stuff and take the responsibility to ensure that it reaches the new destination safe. This frees your time and you are able to concentrate on other issues like looking for a new school, you are also able to spend time with family and friends

> Hiring professional movers will help you manage any costs you may incur like purchase of packaging materials or packaging crates and tapes

> You will not have to worry about the moving costs like gas and electricity changeovers. This is because the moving company will simplify everything by providing a moving checklist and issue you with a custom quote which captures the entire cost of moving in one place.

> A moving company will save you time and energy by making your move as smooth as possible.

> Because moving companies are familiar with the areas, you will rest assured that your items will be delivered at the right place and time

Once you get a good moving company, you will need to find out the cost of hiring them. The costs movers charge will depend on the following:

> The type of move, this can be local, long distance or commercial move

> The size of your goods

> The number of hours they will spend working on your move

> The time of the week that you are moving. Some companies have different rates when you move over the weekend as opposed to moving on a week day

In conclusion, moving and relocation can become a very nerve-wracking exercise. However, when done professionally by furniture removalist Melbourne, it will be hassle-free and you will end up enjoying every bit of the move.