Erica Flowers Shop offer cheap flowers with great quality and value marked with our trade experience and competitiveness. We offer only the best value and that what makes us different from the other flower shop. We have a lots of flower arrangement for you to choose from and your choices are still growing. Our main goal is to provide excellence in flower delivery.

White Garden

This garden dish with its charming white flowers will dish up the kudos for you when you send it to that special someone. Perfect for home or office. Dieffenbachia, fern, ivy and spathiphyllum arrive in a simple round dish. Approx. 13" W x 15" H

Medium Dish Garden

A lovely array of cheerful plants is just the right size for a mid-size desk or table. It’s also just the right choice for that special someone. Dracaena, ivy, palm and syngonium plants arrive in a low decorative bowl. Approx. 14" W x 13" H

Small Garden Dish

This small dish garden full of beautiful plants makes anything but a small impression on whomever receives it. Perfect for home or office. Dieffenbachia, ivy, palm and philodendron plants arrive in a decorative ceramic dish. Approx. 11" W x 11" H

The flower choices in Florist Burlington are selectively placed in the online gallery for you to choose from. We have flowers for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or congratulate a couple for their new born baby.

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