Many women opt to receive breast augmentation surgery each year. Women who are unhappy with their small breasts often consider augmentation surgery, as well as those whose breasts are beginning to sag or are unevenly shaped. Additionally, women who undergo mastectomies frequently choose to have their breasts replaced using implants. Women who are considering receiving a breast augmentation from an NJ plastic surgeon often have questions before they make a decision. Here some important things to know regarding breast enhancement procedures:

Breast augmentation does more than just make breasts larger. It can also give breasts a fuller or natural appearance, and it can correct the common issue of uneven breasts. This benefits women who are experiencing breast changes due to ageing, pregnancy or illness, as well as those who are simply not satisfied with the breasts that they have. In some cases, a breast lift may be performed with an augmentation surgery for maximum effect.

There are a wide range of implant sizes available to match any type of body shape and meet any desire. Generally, implants are made of either saline or silicone. A certified plastic surgeon NJ will make suggestions as to the best size and type of implant for their patients to receive.

The incision to insert the implants can be made in several difference locations. It can be made in a woman's belly button is the implants are silicon, through her armpit, at the areola or underneath the breast. All of these areas are ideal for hiding scars and reducing the long-term effects of the surgery.

Breast implants can be surgically placed behind the muscles of the chest or behind the actual breast tissue. The placement will depend on the patients' body and the specific type of implant.

Most women find that silicone implants are preferable to saline ones. Silicone feels more like natural breast tissue, as it is softer and more pliable.

After a few days of rest, most women typically feel fine after a breast augmentation from Dr Richard Peck MD. The stiches only remain in the body for about ten days, and women often resume their normal professional and personal lives before this time period is over. As time progresses, the scars will also fade away. Most women cannot even see their incisions a year or so after the breast implant new jersey.

Breast augmentation surgery helps many women feel better about their physical attractiveness each year. Whether the patient has lost her breasts or feels that her natural ones are inadequate, a plastic surgeon can help meet her needs. Augmentation surgery is highly customizable and only requires a brief recovery period.