These days, people are more body conscious than ever before. Unfortunately, many people deal with stubborn fat in certain areas of their body even after they have worked to diet and exercise. These flabby areas make them appear heavier than they actually are and cause them to experience low self-esteem. In the past, liposuction and other invasive procedures were the only way to take care of these problem areas. Today, there is another option through Strawberry Laser.

The Strawberry Laser system is unique because it allows fat to be liquefied through laser waves sent down into the fatty layers. There are no cannulas placed into the skin and no invasion of any type. The laser does all the work in breaking up the fat cells and causing them to be liquefied. Once the fat is liquefied, the body begins to absorb it over a period of weeks. This is one of the best options for Plastic Surgery Tampa since there is no need for cutting into the skin.

Among the most popular procedures for Cosmetic Surgery in 2015, the Strawberry Laser is continuing to grow in popularity in plastic surgeon offices across the country. This is because it offers real results. Since there is no invasion to the body, recovery is easy.

Most people will need to undergo 8 to 10 sessions that each last around twenty minutes. These sessions continue to break down the fat over a period of time so the fatty areas begin to reduce and the skin tightens.

Many people who undergo this procedure through Dr. Halpern of Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery Inc end up being able to see results right away. After the fourth session, the vast majority of people have lost between 1 and 4 inches from the area being treated. This has been proven the safest cosmetic procedure for people who want to be rid of their fatty areas once and for all.

If you are tired of dealing with flabby areas around your middle, your back, thighs or arms, this procedure may be beneficial for you. To find out if you are a good candidate, first visit the best breast augmentation in Florida. Once you have learned more about the procedure, you can call the office and schedule a consultation appointment so you can learn if you are a good candidate for Strawberry Laser. With this procedure, your body can look more toned and less flabby so you can fully regain your confidence.