When Female Plastic Surgeons begin to prepare their patients for breast augmentation, it is crucial women follow the directions they are given. Breast augmentation is a major surgery and should never be entered into lightly. When women are properly prepared, their surgeries often proceed more safely and their healing process is more successful. With this information, women can be properly prepared should they make a decision to pursue the augmentation for their breasts.

At the consultation with the plastic surgeons in Columbus Ohio, a woman is given ample instructions that she will need to follow before her procedure takes place. It is crucial a woman follows these carefully to ensure her procedure will be safe.

Women should cease smoking for at least six months before their procedure so they can properly heal. Smokers have a more difficult time in the healing process and can develop dangerous complications.

It is important a woman informs her surgeon of the medications she takes whether they be prescription or over-the-counter. Some medications can increase bleeding and bruising risks and may interfere with the anesthesia being used. The surgeon can determine which medications are safe for the patient to take and which ones should be avoided to prevent health risks during and after the surgery.

There will be dressings and bandaging in place after the breast augmentation procedure so women will be instructed on how to care for their suture sites. With proper care, the wounds will properly heal and cause less scarring.

If a woman has any health concerns, these must be reported to the surgeon. There are some health concerns such as high blood pressure or breathing issues that need to be carefully monitored during any surgery involving general anesthesia. Failure to report health concerns could be detrimental to a woman's healing process and could even place her life in danger.

When a woman has breast augmentation, she can expect to go through a couple of months of healing. As the bruising and swelling go down, she will slowly begin to see her new shape unfolding. It is important women are patient in the healing process and carefully follow any care instructions they are given so they will get the best results.

For more information on this and other cosmetic procedures, contact the office of ROXY Plastic Surgery. Through breast augmentation, women can have the beautiful breasts they long for. Breast augmentation will not only increase a woman's breast size but will also increase her confidence.