When a woman has breast augmentation NJ, it may be carried out in a plastic surgery clinic or in a hospital. In most cases, breast augmentation is carried out under general anesthesia so a woman stays asleep during the procedure and feels no pain. Reading through this information can help women to be prepared for what to expect should they decide to have the procedure carried out.

Once the patient is under the effects of anesthesia, the NJ plastic surgeon will make the incision that will allow him access to the inner portions of the breast. Incisions may be made in these areas:

Axillary incisions are made in the armpit.

Periareolar incisions are made around the nipple.

Inframammary incisions are made under the fold of the breast.

These incision sites allow the scars to remain inconspicuous so a woman can feel confident wearing a bra or swimsuit without anyone being able to see her scars. Once the incision has been made, a pocket will be formed by separating the skin from the chest muscle wall. In this pocket, the surgeon will place the implant. Implant placement may be in front of the chest wall muscle or behind it.

There are two different types of implants the plastic surgeon NJ may use. Saline implants are placed inside the chest wall while they are empty. Once they have been placed, they are filled with saline. Silicone implants come pre-filled and NJ breast implants are put in place already prepared. Once the chosen type of implant has been put in place, the incisions are closed with sutures and then bandaged to allow for healing.

After the procedure, a woman will be sent to the recovery room and will then be sent home after she is fully awake and her incisions have been carefully checked. Breast augmentation procedures rarely require a woman stay in the hospital overnight. Since she will be sent home to heal, it is important she has someone there to care for her for the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

Once the procedure is complete, full healing will take a few weeks. Following the surgeon's instructions will help the healing process to be successful. After healing, a woman will finally be able to see her new figure being revealed. To find out if breast augmentation is right for you, contact the office of Dr Richard Peck MD. They will schedule you a consultation appointment so you can get started in the process.