Few people find themselves satisfied when they look in the mirror. Their reflection never quite meets their honest expectations. In the past, this was why women scheduled a visit for a consultation with a Plastic surgeon Tampa Florida residents trusted. While she was seeing the doctor, a prospective patient would inquire about getting a "nip and tuck."

Cosmetic Surgery in 2015 has changed quite a bit over the years. Now men make up a large portion of the total patients a plastic and reconstructive surgeon sees regularly. The use of cosmetic surgery to make both men and women appear years younger than they are, is taken for granted in the world of medicine. Experts agree, appearances count when looking to advance one's career and social life.

For women, their first appointment often concerns making their face look younger. They will ask about a face-lift or brow-lift, as well as if there are less invasive treatments that can do the trick. If a woman formerly breast-fed her children, she is certainly interested in learning about surgeries that will change the appearance of the breasts. These surgeries are breast augmentation, breast reduction and a breast lift procedure.

Men are also interested in rejuvenating their facial area. They would like to remove loose skin that has settled around the neck and just under the chin. To achieve these goals, a surgeon might suggest a neck-lift procedure, as well as liposuction of a double chin if one exists. If a man has a receding chin, a chin implant can also be added at this time.

One procedure that plastic surgeons perform on an almost daily basis is liposuction. With this treatment, unwanted fat is safely suctioned out of the body. Women often ask for their hip and thigh area to be reduced. Men on the other hand, are more interested in fat removed from their abdominal area.

With rare exception, liposuction surgery can be performed on an out-patient basis. Patients return to work within a few days with only general discomfort. This is true of many of today's cosmetic surgery treatments, as medical standards have advanced greatly in just the past few years.

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