Many times, what people see and feel during a grand opening is the very thing that keeps them coming back. If they see the extravaganza as something marvelous and spectacular, they're going to call on that company when they need them, even if it's years later. It often takes a different form of marketing to leave a lasting impression on people experiencing it. Every individual may interpret how they view something in an entirely different manner than the next person. It takes a highly innovative person to create impressions that last an extra long time because of the way they were presented.

What Is Experiential Marketing? This is a type of marketing where a client gets to try everything out. They get to touch, see, smell, view and bask in whatever it is that's being shown. If it's a hotel, clients will get to experience the outside elevator, upscale dining at the very top of the hotel that mirrors a palace, walking through rooms adorned in gold, or thousands of flowers in a garden populated with trees and water fountains below. No matter what type of project is being presented, product promotion by an extremely professional and knowledgeable team of people is the exact way to get the new business known.

For those who have never heard of guerilla marketing, it's a form of marketing that doesn't cost a bundle to get a business known. This is why innovative people are hired to do the work that the average person simply doesn't have the ability to do. Business owners know how to run a business, but often have no experience in advertising, building a brand, building a website, or working on the Internet to increase sales. They have the products to sponsor a huge event, but don't know how to put it all together to present such a show that people attending will never forget.

This is where experiential marketing comes into play, and hiring the best people to create events that are fabulous, is key to growing a phenomenal business. Special productions, including lighting, costumes, dancing and music are all incorporated into an evening that promotes brand awareness. There's a special advertising that doesn't cost anything, but it's one of the best forms of advertising. It's called "word of mouth" advertising and when customers or those in attendance are completely satisfied in what they've just experienced, they will want the very same company to work for them.

Whether it's a casino, hotel, restaurant, film, pub or club, the right advertising and the best marketing effort will keep people coming back. What everyone attending sees or experiences today will stay in their memory for years to come, and it takes hiring the best company to obtain that perfection.