For many years, Intuit's QuickBooks accounting software dominated the small business landscape. Relatively intuitive to use while still offering quite a bit of power and flexibility, QuickBooks became such a standard part of the small business world that it was generally thought of as the default.

Facing what must have been considered an uphill battle, the creators of the cloud-based Xero accounting system nonetheless threw the company's hat into the ring about ten years ago. Slowly but surely, Xero has emerged as a viable contender to QuickBooks and more, providing a number of advantages that must certainly have accounting giant Intuit concerned.

One of Xero's strengths is that the software itself runs on the servers of the company that produces it. Users connect to those servers just as they would with any other online, web-based service, whether that might be an email account or a social network.

Because the company behind Xero takes responsibility for maintaining and providing the software, users are relieved of a number of chores that would otherwise occupy their time. They have no need, for example, to worry about following through on upgrades and patches, as these are taken care of behind the scenes and remotely.

Xero provides a number of other benefits compared to QuickBooks, too. It is, generally speaking, much more capable of automatically importing financial data from online sources than the latter is, with a stronger suite of adapters and filters ensuring that data arrives in the correct form. It also stretches further than QuickBooks in terms of functions like invoicing and payroll, making for a more complete and better-rounded system, overall.

Thanks to these strengths and others, adoption of Xero has been increasingly rapidly. Among the professional bookkeeping services charlotte nc small businesses rely upon, Xero is just as frequently recommended to clients today as QuickBooks is.

The Xero accounting services Charlotte businesses receive are also at least as highly regarded as those supplied through Intuit's alternative, with many recent converts discovering a lot to like. While QuickBooks is not likely to fade into obscurity overnight, then, its reign of outright dominance seems likely to be over.