Redecorating bedrooms is as easy as switching out the top cover of the bed. Whether there are duvet covers, blankets, quilts, or doona covers, on the beds, one step is all it takes to have a whole new look to the room. Matching pillowcases, or a few throw pillows in a contrasting color or pattern, can complete the transformation. designer cushions Quilt Covers For Your Bedroom can save time and money over remodeling or redecorating an entire room. A master bedroom, for example, can go from a quaint floral setting to a wild and adventurous one by changing that tulip quilt with a tiger print. That move will liven things up on a Tuesday night!

The guest room can be altered to accommodate any guest quickly. When someone is coming to visit, the guest room linens get changed anyway. Having a few different options for quilt covers australia means that each guest will feel like the room was decorated just for them. If the sister-in-law is coming, a tranquil color may be appropriate, and if it is Cousin Frank who is staying, break put the brown cover with the white and tan stripes.

This concept also works well in bedrooms for children. There is no need to redo the walls, the furniture, or the closet as a child grows, just invest in some high-quality and unique bedding that will suit the child at different stages. The trick to it is getting bedding that is out-of-the-ordinary, so the room always looks special. Purchasing a bed-in-a bag at the local large department store will not have the same effect as great bedding that is hand crafted, or features an exotic pattern.

That kind of old world style can be found online at small boutiques. Many of those site owners travel the world to find experienced artisans who create stunning fabrics and patterns that cannot be found anywhere else. Some boutiques even design their own exclusive collections. One site, for example, has a new "Silpi" collection that features a Cosi Block Print quilt cover that is reversible. One side has a mini cross pattern in black, with a few blocks in poppy red and mint thrown in the mix to give it a fun and modern twist. The other side has larger crosses. The cover is hand made using carved blocks and stamped on each layer of cotton. No two of these will look the same due to slight variations in color and print placement.

For larger bedrooms, placing a piece of vintage or bohemian furniture can make the look even more unique. An antique wardrobe in a distressed finish can be stunning and practical at the same time. Leave the outside alone, and add modern shelving or hanging racks for clothing. Place a mirror inside one of the doors for functionality. Hand carved stacking tables can be used for night stands, computer desks, or as places to put lamps. The possibilities are as endless as the creativity and imagination of the home owner.