Homes in the San Antonio area are often plagued by foundation issues. The area's clay soils are the primary culprit, as they tend to expand or contract significantly in rainy or dry seasons. That continued expansion and contraction causes foundations to move, crack or even collapse. When any type of foundation issue is suspected, contacting a foundation repair specialist is crucial to heading off additional damage. There are several clues that should alert homeowners to the existence of a foundation problem.

For homes with basements, cracks or bows may appear in basement walls. Those symptoms indicate that soils are putting a great deal of pressure on the walls, forcing them inward. San Antonio foundation repair experts recommend calling immediately when cracking or bowing appears, as allowing the condition to go unchecked can lead to far more extensive damage later. Catching the issue quickly may allow less expensive repair strategies to be used than if the condition is allowed to advance.

Homes build on slabs often see cracks develop in floors, with upward or downward movement of portions of the floor soon following. When not repaired quickly, other structural issues can soon follow, making it far more difficult to properly repair the structure. In homes with tile floors, the cracks are evident soon after the settling or heaving occurs. Homes with other flooring may notice other symptoms. Cracks beneath carpeting are sometimes hard to feel until they worsen, but look for any indication of unevenness in the surface. When walking on hardwood or similar floors, there may be a hollow feeling or sponginess as homeowners walk over affected areas.

All homes, no matter what type of foundation, may experience settling that results in wall cracks around doors or windows. Doors and windows may also suddenly be difficult to open or close. A foundation repair company in San Antonio will also encourage homeowners to look carefully at exterior areas for indications that trim, siding or other components have shifted. Brick facing, for example, often cracks or actually moves away from framing components. If any of these conditions is present, contact a foundation repair specialist as soon as possible.

In addition to repairing existing foundation problems, area professionals work with homeowners to minimize the chances of foundation problems reoccurring. They may, for example, recommend improving site drainage to minimize the impact of storm runoff. For more information on protecting a home's value, go to