Tarps have an endless amount of uses. They are perfect for homes, gardens and even for camping. Once folded they take up very little room, but their durability and versatility far exceed any other product. Not only are they tough, they can also be fire retardant, making them a good choice even in industrial settings and in garages.

The word tarp is a shortened version of the word tarpaulin. This was a product that was used to provide cover from the elements for something or someone. These have been in use for nearly 500 years, although the original covers were made first from animal skins and fur. Over time they were improved on and were made from linen coated in wax to make them water resistant. The skin and fur tarps were commonly for providing shelter for people and the cloth and wax designs were used to shield items on the deck of a ship from the elements.

There are several colors of tarps available today, but blue remains the most popular option. This is because this is the most lightweight version, so it has more uses for many people. They can be used when camping to cover dining areas and campfires, or to protect the tent from excess wind and rain. They provide an extra layer of privacy too, but are thin enough to still allow in some daylight. Besides being lightweight, they do provide adequate protection for grills and outdoor furnishings that are not able to be stored inside during the winter or to protect parked vehicles from UV rays, bird droppings and tree sap. Blue canvas tarps are also just as useful and are designed to be rot and water resistant. Campers, contractors and homeowners will all find these to be very beneficial.

Modern tarps are made from many materials, although polyethylene is the most commonly available. Companies that offer tarps, often provide a wide array of options to choose from. This includes drop cloths for painting or home repair and vinyl tarps that are used in many industrial settings. Whatever the project or need may be, there is probably a tarp that will help to do the job better. Anyone looking for a tarp for a specific need can learn more here about the products that are currently available.