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Human Operating System - RampRate
Should our technology be more like a cast, or a glove? If comfort and ease of use is our priority, then glove-like technologies are going to succeed -- and that is what has happened with most of the technologies that have stood the test of time. Technologies should adapt to people, rather than people adapting to technologies. Such systems should be usable by everyone, in whatever ways we need. I should have the flexibility to use text-to-speech, and you should have the flexibility to use gestural inputs or anything else. Think of the resources such an approach could save us.....
Making IT services Fit Like a Good Shoe | Ramprate
Most sales processes aren't set up to solve a customer's problems -- on the contrary, the primary focus is on closing the deal. We spotted the issue way back in the mid-1990s and found that at least 22% of the capital involved in every deal is spent on sales processes, rather than on client services. It created a hostile situation not only for the buyers, but the sellers as well. Even today, most IT deals are made the old-fashioned way: dubious sales pitches, unenforceable contracts and unsustainable expectations. There had to be a better way, and we devised the right methodology.
The Data Center Industry is in Crisis: Now What | RampRate
Data center prices are getting slashed, and data center investors are feeling the heat as they miss their target ROI. IT infra technologies are changing, and so are the market demands. Facilities are becoming obsolete even before depreciation takes its toll, better cloud options are rolling in, and lock-in period reduction and migration paths are all serving to support easy digital transformation. Digital disruption is on the rise -- and you still believe data centers are a lucrative business? Surely things aren't as good as you think... or not as bad as you imagine. What's the truth?
What happens to IT when the bottom falls out of your revenue base? Oil and gas companies are finding out in a hurry, as commodity prices remain at less than half their peak. Most are not able to extract material cuts / flexibility from their suppliers. Some are slashing and burning essentials. What if you could work with someone who’s been there before? RampRate has helped stabilize IT with flexibility and materially lower costs for struggling industries (e.g. newspapers) and individual companies with major revenue shocks. We can help you cut costs today and prepare for a rebound tomorrow.
Technology Business Management | RampRate
We have CRM for Sales; ERP for manufacturing, CPM for Finance, but what do we have for IT? Why is IT still treated as a low-tech department? Despite IT being the key to all the major process automation projects, it remains neglected for itself. Why can't we run IT like a business to effectively manage technology resources? Aren't modern CIOs saddled with the added responsibility of showing the value of IT to their organizations? To improve ROI visibility, you have to increase the cost visibility. Technology Business Management has solutions, if survival is the question.
Division Manager | Ramprate
Most of the division managers are stuck in a situation where they have to perform within the periphery of company standards, even when they know that it might not be the best way. Most of the CFOs' decisions are strictly based on factual data, making IT budget justification a herculean task. How do you find the right suppliers to get them approved by your CFO? You need to dig as well as present facts and hard data to promote sound decision making, but where do you find them? Do you have what you need to efficiently negotiate IT sourcing contracts in a highly volatile market?
HyperSource.IT! - Sample Inform Report - RampRate
Big Data and Data Science are the lifeblood of CIOs, CTOs, CEOs and CFOs. IT Hypersourcing is on rise given today's innovative IT Infrastructure solutions, but you can only capitalize on it if you know about it. It helps you balance your current spend, service strategy, inventory and performance to hit optimized levels. In light of the ongoing worldwide digital disruption, competition is getting fiercer day by day. If you haven't optimized your resources yet, your very survival could be at risk. Request a free, no-obligation assessment of your IT infrastructure now.
Frictionless IT Infrastructure Evolution - RampRate
IT infrastructure is at the core of digital disruption, right? And, you believe that IT infrastructure itself would be left untouched with the rapid digital transformation going around! Whether it's cloud migration, terminating non-performing suppliers, building new data/voice network or scaling IT infrastructure facilities, adapting to ongoing changes is a must for survival. The pace of change is accelerating, and so are the market frictions, unforeseen risks and costs. If you're still looking for the right strategy, download this whitepaper -- 24% cost savings and 80% faster turnaround can be yours.
Learn how to drive business and IT alignment
Planning to migrate your app workloads to the cloud, but don't know how to benchmark cloud performance per $ value? Most strategic decisions for CIOs, CTOs and CFOs are about assessing and selecting the right cloud provider. You'll need a detailed report on terms, risks, and digital services efficiency versus the most advanced companies in the world to move ahead. Download this cloud hypersourcing datasheet for free, and build your own winning cloud migration strategy. Your cost savings are on the radar -- take aim and hit your target before it's too late.
Telecom Expense Management | RampRate
Most telecom service providers offer a full range of services, even in this age of specialization. Each provider excels in a particular area. Engaging multiple independent suppliers gets us the best pricing, contract terms, and service levels via network services contracts. Billing audits to analyze errors, channel integration and direct negotiations with suppliers is an integral component of an efficient Telecommunication Services Master Contractor model. Read this post to know how can you do it yourself to reduce cost and eliminate inefficiencies.
Russia's Data Localization Law | Ramprate
If you’re providing services to people in Russia, store some personal data, and are not an airline, you have until 9/1/2015 to move that data to a Russian co-lo or cloud provider. Which is harder than it looks – few Western providers operate in Russia, and all suppliers face a highly active regulatory regime as well as potential impact of corruption, sanctions, and capital flight. We’ve solved the puzzle for our clients – check out how.
Shopzilla Success Story - RampRate
When Shopzilla had grown over 19 million unique site visitors, they faced multiple service complaints as well as contractual issues with their colocation provider in the US. They thought that their SLAs and contract terms were inadequate. They wanted to identify optimal colo sites in the EU to realize optimizations. Meeting their IT infrastructure optimization targets wasn't easy, but 7-figure $$$ savings in mid-contract renegotiation was achieved in just 9 weeks. Read this white paper to learn the exact amount, a detailed breakdown and how the targets were met successfully.
IT Efficiency and Waste Quantification - RampRate
How do you forecast usage patterns when purchasing IT services? Is it based on prior contracted capacity, forecasted business objectives and/or risk tolerances? If your answer is yes, then you should know that these are old-school practices. Today, digital disruption is pushing our global economy to adapt the ongoing digital transformation. Smart companies are employing next-generation analytics to perform scenario-based forecasts to measure and calibrate waste based on varied capacity levels. Download this white paper for free to gain deep insights:
Oil prices are hovering around $45 per barrel -- and even the world's biggest oil and gas companies are in deep trouble. Profits are shrinking, and so are the budgets. Many oil and gas companies are already cutting their IT spends -- and now, even more than expected. Now, the focus is shifting away from ROI to ROE; or Return on Existence (mentioned by famous business visionary Geoffrey Moore). Hedges have helped them survive so far, but how long will it last? Being optimistic is great, but what if our assumptions are wrong? Read this white paper on the dire situation in the oil and gas industry.
Precision for IT Sourcing | RampRate
Inform, Interpret, Optimize and Execute are the 4 steps for sound IT sourcing decision making. You should know your optimal SLA terms, performance metrics, accurate supplier score and net cost of compute. Everything looks good so far, but a vague ROI figure means the entire procedure is nothing more than gambling. Gaining such deep insights consumes lots of resources, and by the time you realize that you were on the wrong track, it's too late to turn back. Gambling has no place in the IT Sourcing world -- follow a researched approach, supported with the right tools.
Bulletproof Your Core App Migration to the Cloud | RampRate
Are you going to rip your core apps out of their native hosting environment and plug them to the new cloud environment? Is this your cloud migration strategy?! What will happen to your enterprise's key processes and functions (e.g., inventory, accounts payable, hosting network, support contracts) during this critical transition? Doing your homework before moving your core app workloads to the cloud is essential. Best practice is to create a reference architecture to define various flavors of IaaS, PaaS and service management as well as cloud automation layers.
IT strategies Should Deliver Value Without Risk | RampRate
IT should deliver value without risk -- but HOW? Is it through your (often costly) strategic relationships, or because your peers are paying less for the same IT services? Don't you think the solution lies in identifying systemic risks hidden within your IT strategies? Your plan may look good at the conceptual level, but execution may not go according to plan. Problems may be embedded in your geographical location, choice of suppliers, network/power infrastructure and/or cultural/technical mismatch. What you need is just the right solution...
DCD as-a-Service conference | Ramprate
Digital Transformation is here. Colocation and cloud service providers have important roles to play in enabling customers' business innovation strategies. How can service providers best support digital business innovation efforts by enterprise CIO customers? A significant part of the solution lies in the major growth trend toward enterprise IT executives outsourcing their IT infrastructure, services and platforms responsibilities. Join us in a plenary panel DCD As-A-Service Conference scheduled in Chicago on Oct. 27-28 to brainstorm, or submit your opinion now @
IT Security - CIOs and CFOs Must Align | RampRate
With the digital economy evolution, security breaches are increasing. The impact: a surge in demand for new IT investments to secure systems. Now, IT, finance and legal departments are joining hands to ensure the security of customer data / sensitive information on priority. Only problem is the increased risk of overspending on securing IT infrastructure, which is troubling all the CTOs, CIOs and CFOs. The need of the hour is to create a balanced path, so as not to drain your bank account, but still get all the security measures in place. Won't it make everyone happy, including customers!
Corporate Social Responsibility | RampRate
Nowadays, corporate social responsibility is considered a brand reputation metric and an organization's responsibility towards our society as well as our environment. Even your smallest decisions and actions can leave a favorable or unfavorable impact on the surrounding environment. When signing a contract with a data center, you may unknowingly get charged for the liability of increasing your carbon footprint... or alternatively, you could enjoy the credit for reducing your carbon footprint. Have you chosen the right service providers as a part of your CSR initiative?
Cloud HyperSourcing | RampRate
Planning to move your IT workload to the cloud? Know which critical business and technology factors to analyze? Public cloud or private cloud? What to manage and which cloud partner? What are the operational, cultural, service-level issues and associated risks? What are the economic impact and TCO implications? Best SLAs, performance, risk profile and cost benefits offered by cloud providers? Above all, how to make strategic decisions for a win-win situation -- and keep CFOs, CEOs, CTOs and CIOs happy? Get answers now -- download our free cloud hypersourcing solution data sheet.
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