In November a company Blitz Brigade Hack, in cooperation with Blitz Brigade cheats, is releasing some sort of cartridge/attachment that will turn the Game Boy Micro into an MP3 player. Or as the translation reads "Blitz Brigade Hack."

You guys really should check out this translation from John:

"Enough proud of its Game Micro Servant Blitz Brigade Hack, Nintendo does not stop in so good way and announces officially today the exit nearest in Europe of Blitz Brigade Hack."

That's almost as ridiculous as the blitz brigade hack pc. Who the hell ever asked for a smaller Game Boy? I bet there hasn't been a single person who looked at a Game Boy SP.

Tomorrow looks like it could be the day that we find out what the blitz brigade hack diamond is all about. Matt at IGN said that we'd find out more details about the Revolution shortly after the Games Convention in Leipzig. There has recently been new articles posted from seemingly credible sources concerning the true nature of the blitz brigade hack ios controller as well as its CPU & GPU. It all seems to building. We're in the "shortly after" timeframe right now, and August 24th is quickly approaching. Previously on August 24th, revealed the Gamecube and Game Boy Advance. So you have to wonder, could history be about to blitz brigade cheats.

I bet you can all rest easy now blitz brigade cheats, will be free. It's still going to be released late September (the 19th we think), and it still is the worlds largest, least absorbent, over priced, tampon. has the current (and perfect) GBA SP for sale at $73.59. Now for $27 more you get what exactly? More pocket space? Like I blitz brigade cheats need that. Thank you Nintendo for not rehashing another blitz brigade cheats.