Anyone who finds themselves in trouble with the law should contact the law firm of Parkman & White. These lawyers are experts in the legal system and have important connections with those who work in it. When citizens find themselves under arrest, or in custody, having an attorney is an essential resource. Law enforcement and prosecutors are also legal experts and will take advantage of their knowledge of the system since most citizens do not have much experience with the law. It makes sense to have an ally that has just as much experience and expertise to protect a citizen's rights.

Most people are not sure what to do when they are pulled over, especially if they have been drinking. This is where a Birmingham DUI defense attorney is priceless. Contacting them as soon as possible will help protect citizens from any unnecessary stress. The lawyer's connection with professionals in the jail system will help get their client released quickly and being able to talk to prosecutors will help lower or reduce any bail requirements. This kind of help is worth every penny and is part of what makes having legal representation so important. When the case goes to court, the lawyer will be able to aggressively attack the prosecutor's evidence and will create reasonable doubt about their case. Lawyers have a variety of ways they can help their clients by questioning the prosecution's case. Sometimes they will be able to have the charges dismissed and other times the prosecutor agree to guilty pleas to reduced charges.

One of the benefits of having a DUI Defense attorney that can get the charges changed to ones that do not involve alcohol is that the punishments are drastically reduced. People with convictions on their record that relate to alcohol are subject to more severe consequences. These types of convictions can stay on a person's record for twice as long as others. This means they will show up on background checks for a long time and they also may disqualify citizens from certain opportunities. In the short-term, convictions for drinking and driving can result in large fines, loss of driving privileges, higher insurance costs, and alcohol education classes.

The benefits of connecting with a Criminal Defense attorney are similar. They will give their clients the representation they need to avoid persecution by aggressive prosecutors. The number of opportunities these lawyers have to exploit weaknesses in a prosecutor's case are impressive. Since it is the prosecutions duty to prove guilt, all the defense lawyer has to do is create doubt for a better chance at winning the case.