Having a nice scent and a signature smell increases a man's sexual image. If you haven't already, take a trip to the local mall and ask the girls at the cologne section to assist you in picking out your favorite new scent. You should have 2-3 signature smells and one for the daytime and another for nighttime. Note the difference between business casual smells versus sexy, date night smells and have those separated properly in your bedroom.

Another topic related to pheromones for men is the scent ofpheromones. Having a nice scent and a signature smell with men's cologne works well to increase a man's sexual image, but pheromones take this to another level by chemically altering the sensations and behaviors of those in proximity. If you've never heard of pheromones before, they are chemicals that are secreted by animals and by people. In many animals, pheromones can signal sexual attractiveness, and can even completely change the behavior of animals that are exposed to them. In humans, the effects of pheromones are less pronounced, but the latest studies have shown that there may be some effects. For example, copulins secreted from women (at the vagina and skin during ovulation) have been scientifically shown to increase testosterone levels and make the man think the woman is more attractive. Learn about pheromones for men at http://pheromones-planet.com/mens-pheromones/.

According to a study from anthropologist Astrid Jutte: "men reacted to a woman's copulins… although they did not rate the smells as very pleasant, they gave higher attractiveness ratings to photographs of women and samples of women's voices after sniffing copulins than after sniffing a neutral odor, and their testosterone levels increased significantly. The less attractive the woman was, the more she gained in a man's attractiveness rating when he was exposed to her natural smell.

Copulins made unattractive looks less import ant ant . 13 Androstenes have the same effect on women. In another study, women exposed to androstenol (alcohol derived Androstene) reported feeling calmer and mellower than women who had been exposed to neutral smells. Women naturally have a keener sense of smell, and during ovulation, this sense is heighted and her skin becomes lighter, her voice softer. According to Nancy Etcoff, "At ovulation, women find pheromone smells neutral. Regardless, they feel calmer and find people more attractive. They are drawn to the smell. Both men and women who had been exposed to androstenol judged photographs of women to be more attractive than they did when exposed to neutral odors 14 " In the seduction community, masters have further theorized that female pheromones (made for women to wear to attract men) may be worn by men to initiate pre-selection and the presence of desire from other women.

Other masters have written excerpts on using one woman's "juice" during sex as cologne and seen incredible behavior changes in other women as he walks around the bar. I have experimented with many pheromones and not all of the internet marketed pheromones work. I will share my secrets with you here in this book. There is a male pheromone called Instant Shine Smartmones.com that works wonders in opening up a girl. Men and women find it charismatic and arousing. Turn the Heat Up is great if she is near ovulation or in a flirty mood, but the smell is neutral or awful up close. Learn about pheromones for women that work

Smells alter behavior differently in women depending on her cycle and also changes on different skin types. Therefore, further calibrations are needed to use pheromones effectively. pherotalk.com forums (alphawolf) and you will find personal recounts of events with different pheromones. If you are just starting out, "Instant Shine" is a great smell to help you start conversations with women and feel more charismatic about yourself. Pherlure has mixed reviews. It appears to work great for some and not so great for others.

Again, pheromones do not always smell "nice" like cologne does, and it causes different reactions in different people. Experimentation is required for success here. Also, some of the success associated with pheromones can be due to the placebo effect, which means, by wearing something you believe will make you more attractive, you actually behave in a more attractive manner and notice only evidence that supports your belief. The jury is still out scientifically on the issue, but I have personally found them to have a positive benefit. Like everything else, experiment and see what works for you. For regular colognes, Burberry Touch for Men has gets a lot of compliments 15 15 Perfumela.com and Burberry product catalogue