Dr. Winifred Cutler is the creator of Athena Pheromones and helped prove the existence of human pheromones in 1986. She created the Athena Institute which sells her exclusive line of pheromone products.

The products include a male formulated pheromone oil called Athena Pheromones 10X which is meant to be used with aftershave. It sells for $99 and contains 5 ml/bottle.

The female version is called 10:13 and is optimized to increase the romantic attraction from men. Like its male counterpart it sells for $99. The ingredients used in her products are not disclosed and have patents pending.

There have been 3 publicized studies done on her brand of pheromones. The first one was done by Dr. Winifred Cutler, the second by Norma L. McCoy, and the third was completed by ABC news.

In Cutler's study, 38 men from the ages of 26-42 were used as participants. Their was a 2 week baseline where the men recorded their interactions with women and faxed them in once a week.

There was also a 6 week placebo controlled double blind study where the man also once a week sent in a report on their interactions with women. Factors included sexual intercourse sleeping next to someone, kissing, hugging, petting, formal dating, informal dating, and self-stimulation.

Sexual intercourse increased 47% for the people who used the pheromones. People that used the placebo experienced a 9.5% increase. The study shows there is a positive correlation to the pheromones helping them to attract the opposite sex. Check out Athena Institute Pheromones | http://pheromones-planet.com.

Norma L McCoy Study

In her study, they used 10:13 pheromones and had 36 female participants with an average ago of 27. There was a 2 week baseline just Dr. Cutler's study and a 6 week placebo controlled double blind study.

The results showed with the women there was an increase of 11% of petting, kissing, and affection when they used pheromones whereas the placebo group only experienced an increase of 4%.

In sexual intercourse, their was an increase of 47% for women using the pheromones and a 5.9% increase in the placebo effect. Both the McCoy and Cutler study showed an increase in sexual intercourse when the participants were using pheromones and a slight increase in self-stimulation.

ABC News Study

The ABC news study used two sets of twins. In the experiment, speed dating was used in which 10 5 minute dates occurred. One twin was giving the pheromones while the other twin was given a placebo cologne. They each went on a 5 minute speed date.

The results showed that the male wearing the pheromone scored 10 out of 10 dates whereas the male not wearing the pheromone got 6 out of 10. For the female twins, 9 out of 10 wearing the pheromones scored a date and5 out of 10 not wearing pheromones didn't score a date.


Does Athena really work? The studies show that it works but individual results will vary. Unfortunately, they have not disclosed the ingredients.