Some of the best mobile casinos have recently been compiling data about gaming today, and some of the results are quite surprising and intriguing. One of the biggest trends right now is that women are increasingly becoming avid gamers. In fact, females make up around 47 percent of all gamers in the United States of America today. Another big trend is that older people are becoming more interested in online gaming than ever before. At least 29 percent of gamers in the United States today are over age 50.

Another thing that Mobile Casino Expert websites have found out is that family and friend networks of gamers are becoming extremely popular. Many parents are even playing alongside their children. Family and friends who may be far flung geographically are now able to chat and play together thanks to the Internet. One of the biggest changes to the world of gaming in recent years has been the mobile revolution. The current mobile penetration in the United States of America is a remarkable 101 percent. This means that there is more than one phone per resident in the U.S. today. The vast majority of these mobile phone holders say that they play games of some type of their phones. About 48 million people currently play some type of game on their phone or tablet.

The biggest trends for game types today are spread pretty evenly. Casino games, casual puzzle games, and social games seem to be leading the pack in popularity. Casino games are not limited to adults, either. Many sites allow gamers of all ages for their free games, as long as kids have their parent's permission. Since you can play slots and other games for free, some kids begin to play the games just for fun. Adults may play slot and other casino games just for fun or for money, depending on what their goals are.

Games for kids are among the big leaders in the market today. More than 90 percent of all the games developed today are geared to young gamers, and this means that game developers recognize how valuable even very young gamers can really be. You can learn even more about current gaming trends by checking out the site. Mobile Casino Expert is one of the best mobile casinos on the Internet today. Check out their site to find out more about all your favorite casino games on mobile.