For many people, breakfast is the most boring meal of the day. This is incredibly sad to hear. True food aficionados know that breakfast and in particular a weekend brunch, is one of life's greatest food adventures. There are many types of cuisine that provide breakfast items that usually found in most common cafes. El Tiempo Cantina is known for having the Best Mexican Food in Houston. They have found a way to blend the recipes known within the State of Texas with the spices and flavors associated with the country of Mexico.

In addition to lunch and dinner menus, the chefs at El Tiempo Cantina have used their unique take on the Best Tex Mex in Houston and applied it to their interpretation of the “All-American” brunch. A variable plethora of egg dishes are cooked to order using traditional Mexican cooking styles and influences from the Southwest of the United States. In addition to eggs and breakfast meats, those who wish for something sweet will not be disappointed.

The child in all of us believes in the power of pancakes. The version created at this Sunday brunch is made with the sweetest pecans west of the Mississippi. Served with a dollop of creamery butter and a drizzle of pecan syrup, it's hard to resist. While adults have a chance to polish off a large plate of these griddle cakes, kids will enjoy a smaller version cooked to order just for them. As with all brunch entrees, eggs and breakfast meats can be added to any order.

What makes this family restaurant the tex mex in Houston has as much to do with their food, as it does with the atmosphere they provide. Their food is served in an environment that is both cozy and exciting, all at the same time. If you love their food when served to your table, make a point of asking about their catering options as well. Whether your group meets at this restaurant or at your own location, serving up Tex Mex food is sure to please.

To see all of their daily menus and catering availability, take a trip to their website located online at here you will also be able to see photographs of their specialties and dining rooms. Groups and parties are also encouraged to ask about having their event at this favorite of Texans everywhere. With fine food, music and fun, there is nothing else you need to keep a family happy.