People who try to live a healthy lifestyle are into drinking their vegetables and fruit. In fact, fresh juice is a healthy option for meeting daily nutrient requirements. vitamix juicer delivers almost all the necessary nutrients, including antioxidants. Further, consumers can avoid extra sweeteners or additives found in commercial juices. If you are interested in juicing, how do you know the best appliance to buy?

There are many online juicer reviews. A recent review tested juicers in three categories, ease of use, juicing ability and cleaning. Many juicers are difficult to clean and that's a turn-off for some people. The Breville The Juice Fountain Duo was named number one in the best juicer reviews. This juicer is brushed stainless steel and is a top performer. It is simple to use and easy to clean. This appliance is great for someone who plans to juice on a regular basis. It retails for $449.00. Breville's Juice Fountain Plus was second on the list. However, it failed to extract juice from leafy, green vegetables. This juicer retails for $199.99. Number three on the list of the best juicers is the Breville Juice Fountain Elite. The best features of the top juicers include:

great at extracting juice from carrots and apples
juices very fast
easy to use, put together and take apart
large feed chute holds an entire apple
most parts can be put in the dishwasher
excellent owner's manual

Some consumers prefer juice extractors because it turns everything into juice, including pulp and skin. Therefore, juice from an extractor is thicker and contains much more fiber. As a result, people feel full longer. Another advantage is that less fruit and vegetables are required to make the same amount of juice that you would with a juicer. Vitamix is considered the top juice extractor on the market. Vitamix machines are built like commercial appliances and withstand years of use. This appliance is coveted by professional chefs because it does so many jobs.

The machine is self-cleaning and allows one to chop, blend, puree, cream and more. It's a heavy-duty appliance and makes smoothies, nut butters, soups and frozen desserts. The best features of the vitamix include the two peak horsepower motor, a heavy-duty hide-away safety cord and an accelerator tool that makes it easier to blend thick mixtures. Vitamix retails for around $400 and there are several models in different price ranges. Consumers should read the pros and cons of all the machines and select the appliance that works for you.