Why Should You Invest in a Driveway Alarm?

Driveway alarms can be the perfect addition to your home security system, to give it that little extra protection you need. Driveway alarms can detect motion right at the entryway to your home, rather than waiting until someone reaches the door to be triggered. With many security systems, only some of the doors or windows are actually protected with sensors, leaving much room for error. A majority of homeowners do not actually realize that they can use a driveway alarm to cover those unprotected areas before they are hit, while not having to spend the money required to cover the entire home.

Up to 600 feet can be covered using driveway business door chimes. This can also be beneficial in protecting your cars in your driveway from being broken into, as well as protecting your mailbox and personal information within it.

Most driveway alarms are equipped with a motion sensor and a receiver, along with which you can purchase more sensors to cover more locations. Your receivers can also be programmed with multiple sounds so you know the difference between sounds in each location, allowing you to get to the point of entry faster.

If you are looking to add a driveway alarm system to your home security, it can be incredibly beneficial to you. First off, it allows for compatibility with multiple types of security systems. Because there is motion detection alert outside of the home, you can be warned of an intrusion before they even reach the front door. This also narrows down the probability that the intruder can slip through the cracks by accessing a window or door that is not covered by your existing fake security cameras.

You will want to be educated in the types of motion detectors you can purchase before you begin your search. Hard wired motion detectors can be installed into the home, but wireless motion detectors are the most commonly used today. Although hardwired detectors are a little cheaper, they can also trigger a false alarm, especially if you are a pet owner. If you do choose to go this route, there is a sensor that can be programmed to ignore animals that are less than 60 pounds. A sensor that detects body heat is another option so that the alarm does not trigger every time there is movement outdoors from the wind or anything else nonhuman.

Even if you do not want to spend the money on a vast security system, purchasing a driveway alarm system can be a great addition and make your home much safer and more comfortable for you and your entire family. You should find helpful facts from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robert-siciliano/diy-home-security-automat_b_4879999.html.