There are many reasons you may need a garden hose around your home. You can use a hose in your garden, to wash your car and to water your plants. Unfortunately, not all water hoses are created equally. Many of them kink and are too heavy to deal with. They often are so cumbersome, they end up never being used at all. The Best Garden Hose should be one that is easy to use. It should be heavy duty, but should not be hard to handle. It should be able to resist kinks and store away easily. Fortunately, the Clear Flow Garden Hose meets all of those criteria and more. Through this garden hose, you will no longer have to deal with the aggravations traditional hoses cause.

After ten years of research, the Clear Flow Hose was invented. Unlike other hoses, the clear material allows sunlight to flow through. Sunlight is able to effectively kill all types of bacteria and algae, so the inside of your hose stays clean. This also keeps the water flowing at a high rate. This hose is so safe for use, the National Sanitation Foundation has approved it. This means all of the materials have been fully tested for safety. In fact, you will find this hose is safer than any water bottle plastic you can find on the market.

When you hook this hose up to your faucet, it will quickly begin to fill with water pressure, so it will expand. The hose quickly goes from being flat, to being filled with a steady water supply. Once you unhook the hose from its water source, it quickly flattens back down, so it can easily be rolled up and stored away in the smallest of spaces. Though the hose is one-hundred feet long, it only weighs a minor four pounds, so it is extremely easy to transport.

The inventor of the Clear Flow Hose, Roger Walsh, worked for ten years to create it. This is the only garden hose on the market that is completely safe for drinking water. It is also the only hose that is 100% recyclable, including the fittings. The hose is practically indestructible. In fact, you could run over it with your car and still have it functioning properly. Try that with any other hose!

If you want the Best Garden Hose, consider purchasing the Clear Flow Hose. You will quickly find so many uses for this practical hose, that makes all of your water-related chores so much easier.