Drones are remote controlled, unmanned craft that can be used in the air, in factories, in the military, and in law enforcement. They are also used by photographers and mappers to get great angles, pictures, and measurements of terrain. Hobbyists fly drones for the fun of it, and for the challenge. Flying drones for fun has grown in popularity because the controls are a lot like video game controls, and they are mechanically simple to use. They do, however, require a significant amount of skill and practice to operate well.

Most hobbyists chose quadcopters for flying. They are drones with four propellers, and are a bit more stable than helicopter models. The battery life of quadcopters is between 10 to 12 minutes, so you will want to get rechargeable batteries if you are in the market for a drone. Most come with cameras that are either built in, or attachable. Prices range from inexpensive to high end, with the average quadcopter for beginners costing less than $50.00. Some can cost over $1,000.00, but those are best left to the expert fliers. The best fpv quadcopter for beginners is a H107L mini quadcopter. Other options include a Nano QX RTF quadcopter, and a UDI U818A model for kids.

While drones can be used in many places, there are some places you cannot fly a drone. The National Parks Service has placed a ban on drone flying in all national parks. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has imposed rules and regulations regarding drones. You must keep them in sight, you cannot charge money for drone flights, and you should fly under 500 feet.

You must also stay away from manned aircraft when flying your drone. Drones can interfere with low flying aircraft, such as law enforcement helicopters, and weather and traffic reporting aircraft. In the cities, interference with medical life flights have also been an issue. These guidelines are designed to keep people safe, both in the air and on the ground. Cameras in drones can pose some privacy issues, so be sure to use caution and respect as you enjoy your hobby.