Visitors to Texas often make a great effort to seek out the best of the state's barbecue. Texas is rightly known as one of the leading lights of this sort of American cuisine, and oak-smoked beef brisket can truly be one of the most distinctive and satisfying dishes to be had anywhere in the country. Tex-Mex food, though, is at least as significant and interesting of a culinary contribution, as many visitors to the state find out during their travels there.

Someone looking to sample the dishes common to that style of cooking would do well to start in Houston. The state's largest city, Houston also boasts much of its best food, with a wide variety of international cuisines being represented particularly well. It is also the leading stage for Tex-Mex food, too, so that those who enjoy the tex mex restaurants can be said to have a very good idea as to what that kind of cooking has to offer.

Fajitas make an excellent starting point for people looking to explore this kind of food. The best fajitas in Houston will consist of strips of meat grilled alongside similarly sliced bell peppers and onions. Beef is the more historically authentic option, in fact, with the word "fajita" itself originally being a reference to a particular cut of beef that is still the most popular for the dish. Chicken is very common today, too, however, and either meat takes well to the charcoal grilling that restaurants serving the best Tex-Mex in Houston employ.

One distinctive thing about fajitas is that the dish is invariably served with the hot ingredients heaped atop a sizzling platter. A pile of wheat-flour tortillas, generally relatively thick and hand-sized, are provided so that diners can assemble their own ad-hoc tacos, typically along with an assortment of other ingredients. Sour cream and shredded cheese are popular toppings, both of these being quite common throughout Tex-Mex cooking, and salsas of various sorts are normally provided to lend any desired degree of heat.

Enjoying a dinner of such fajitas accompanied by some of the best margaritas in Houston, in fact, is a great way to experience some of what the state has to offer in terms of distinctive cuisine. In addition, many visitors also greatly enjoy the queso dip that is often provided with tortillas chips as an appetizer, as well as the style of enchiladas that are found in the state.