Double Chin or Chubby Cheeks are one of the worst nightmares of men and women. That nasty accumulation of fat under the chin, can be formed by adipose tissue or skin that has lost muscle tension, ranging from the jaw to the thyroid. It affects both men and women, some of the predominant factors for the formation of jowls from an early age. Also influence genetics and face shape. Can it be prevented? Of course, Therefore we will give you 5 tips to avoid and get rid of a double chin by following these simple rules.

1) Good posture. When walking, keep your head in neutral position, forward or backward, or too low nor too high. As you work, you must correct posture at the computer, with the neck straight and your eyes to the screen height.

2) Sleep with thin pillow. High pillows are the enemy of those who sleep with a partner. First, make you snore and secondly, they'll stretching your skin so that it can generate Gill.

3) Hydration. As facial skin requires hydration, so it needs make up and it is necessary that you sconces some lotion or moisturizer. It is also important that you clean your make up. Special night cream, which have a lifting effect is recommended.

4) Exercise the muscles. The open pronunciation of vowels is an exercise indicated to reaffirm the facial skin, but also excellent for curing the chubby area. Perform this exercise in front of the mirror and exaggerated gesture to tighten the muscles; notice the work in the face and neck.

5) Chewing gum. The gum is ideal for firm muscles of the face, neck and double chin eliminate exercise. The trick is to use a lot and do it exaggerated. Remember, the most important thing is to avoid the ups and downs of constant weight, so adopting healthy eating habits and exercise are essential to prevent the appearance of jowls and other discomforts.

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